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Once Upon A Time ... all items we gave new members to help start their transition faster were electronically distributed upon joining The CT Groups.  An application change by one of our web site Partners has inhibited this automatic distribution for an indefinite period of time.  This page has been created as an interim solution until a resolution to the application change can be designed, coded, tested, pre-production testing, loaded, post-load tested and fully deployed to production for our use.

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Acceptable Use & Membership Agreement Policy ... the rules to keep a focus on our job search and the handling of problems.
Required reading.
 See the downloadable PPSX file below titled:
 Acceptable Use & Membership Agreement Policy

 Current document is July 8, 2008
 The Memphis Area Career Transition Groups were renamed
 The CT Groups on February 3, 2012 for simplicity.


The CT Groups Roster 

 List of all groups and
 their info on with links
 for additional info.
This is the current
 Roster available and it
 may be viewed or
 downloaded from here.
 Select View or Download on the 2nd to last item

 Adobe PDF with hyperlinks

The Roster version date can be found in the lower right corner of each page.  You can compare that to the date displayed in the filename or in the description of the document.


 The 30 Second Elevator
Drill [version 1.05b]

 This is a primary tool
 for introductions in
 social gatherings and
 an informational
 foundation for other job
 search needs.

 See the downloadable PPSX file below titled:
 The 30 Second Elevator Speech Drill

 Visit the Tips Page for this item.

 .ppsx is a PowerPoint Show file extension which does NOT
 require PowerPoint and will run on Windows machines.


 New Member Document


 Key Web Sites
 An overview of the web
 sites used, their address,
 access and purpose.

 See the downloadable PDF file below titled:
 Key Web Sites & Their Purpose [2015]


 Yahoo! Terms

 Link to Yahoo! Terms


 Yahoo! Privacy

 Link to Yahoo! Privacy


 Yahoo! Community


 Link to Yahoo! Community Guidelines


 NEW PowerPoint Shows
 available for immediate
 viewing on your PC
 Windows is required but NOT PowerPoint to view these.
 Click the down arrow beside PERSEVERE and/or IMPOSSIBLE to
 download the show.  Once downloaded, click the file to begin
 the show.  NOTE: Each file is about 20 Megabytes


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