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Updated 03/16/2017

Second Saturday                                              
For Members of The CT Groups only.

We are exploring putting together small group practice sessions on the:


        The advantage a job seeker has who has never been through a Behavioral
        Interview session is rather simple: they are not sweating bullets.

        Behavioral Interview sessions are not that bad once you understand that the
        process is, how to respond to the questions, and most importantly, thinking
        through the process prior to responding ...

        It is important you understand:
             a)  why this interviewing style is so popular
             b)  why you should let it keep you awake at night
             c)  why you want to organize your thoughts prior to the interview
             d)  how to handle a situation you never experienced before

         Understand the importance of telling a story and the components that every
         good story contains.  Look at stories from Walt Disney in how he and this very
         talented team captivated people of all ages for decades.  One signal your
         response is going well in an interview is the interviewers will slightly lean closer
         to you to hear everything clearly ... they have become consumed by your story
         which is GREAT for you.

         We do want to maximize the time for everyone to go through a few questions
         to get a better understanding of the process and have some critiques.  BUT we
         need to get you information PRIOR to the class to help you learn even more.  To
         achieve that I need you to commit that you will be coming by NOON APRIL 2ND
         so I can send you some material and you have time to learn the material.  You
         can attend without reading the material but you will not be as strong of a job
         candidate if you do not.  We have nothing to loose while you do.  Read the stuff.

         You will make mistakes in the practice sessions ... that's why it is for practice.
         You will make mistakes in the interview and kick yourself over it.  Don't do that.
         Everyone makes mistakes ... so it's a matter of fixing them during the interview.
         We're human ... learn from our mistakes and apply the lessons for improvement.

         Indicate your intent to attend by NOON, SUNDAY APRIL 2 by e-mailing using the Subject "Second Saturday" and please
your name.  Our desire is to have a few sample questions done before
         everyone then break up into small groups which will include peer feedback.


Time, Place, Maps and Directions to the Room


Second Saturday – April 8th, 2017
9:00 AM (sharp) to Noon (or potentially later)
Hope Church - Room 224 - 8500 Walnut Grove - Cordova, TN

        Map to Hope Church:


·  Use the parking lot in the southwest area of
    the Church facing Walnut Grove in the
    vicinity of Entrance 1 (look for the distinct
    architecture shown in this adjacent picture)
·  Enter the Church using the doors on the
    RIGHT side of Entrance 1 (see illustration)

·  Upon entry make two quick RIGHT turns
    where you will see stairs to the second floor

·  At the top of the stairs, turn RIGHT and go
    through the double doors.  Enter the first
    door on your RIGHT.  Walk down the hallway.

    Room 224 is the second door on your LEFT.

    The map below will help you navigate the
    route to the second floor and to the room
    we meet in.  Looking forward to see you there!
MAP of East Doors for Entrance 1 and to Room 224.
Enter through the marked entrance to reach Room 224 on the 2nd Floor.

Photo Credit: Michael D Zurkammer
Image Credit: Floor Plan - Hope Church & Michael D Zurkammer