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600 News Radio WREC

Interviews conducted with Forrest Goodman (News Director, WREC) and Michael Zurkammer (Founder, The CT Groups) between December 2010 and February 2011 discussing a job search/career transition at a high level and the free resources available to professionals seeking employment from The CT Groups.

These sessions are a high level discussion and do not, by themselves, represent a complete or recommended plan to secure employment.  As each person and their needs are unique, so must be the plan to reach their objectives.

Details on each covered topics can be learned at any of The CT Groups meetings.  This brief introduction to the total career transition process should NOT be considered as a full and complete plan to meet your specific needs. Each individual and their needs are different and will require adjustment to meet personal dreams, goals, interests, needs and other factors important to that individual. Statements made in the interviews are opinions of the speaker and moderator and do not necessarily represent the view of the station, management of their advertisers.
600 News Radio WREC, 600 AM
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New ColumnSummary
Interview #1 - The Separation (1) The normal emotions of sock, anger, and resentment, (2) things you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be doing during this period such as talking to people about employment BEFORE you have a real job search strategy and plan can hurt your job search. 
Interview #2 - What Is Your Product? (1) Unloading the harmful emotions, (2) work with people who know you well, (3) explore possibilities from this opportunity of a job loss, (4) the importance of a BUSINESS e-mail address, and (5) closing the gaps in your work history. 
Interview #3 - Creating Your Marketing Plan (1) Starting your research for jobs, (2) how to showcase your achievements and awards/honors, (3) starting or updating your reference list, and (4) waiting until now to start work to update or create your resume. 
Interview #4 - Package The Product (1) Involve your close friends and family in your job search efforts, (2) using Social Media (LinkedIn and Facebook) to support your search, (3) fine tuning your resume, and (4) designing business cards with feedback. 
Interview #5 - Product Introduction (1) Finalizing your Social Media presence, (2) creating a daily plan with objectives to achieve and be successful, (3) calling on your network of contacts, (4) tracking your efforts and contacts, (5) using informational meetings, (6) getting inside targeted companies, (7) asking for help, and (8) never loose hope, keep the faith and never quit on yourself or on your loved ones. 
Interview #6 - Overview of Past 5 Weeks Career Transition is the hardest job you will ever have so taking planning, organization, and information gathering seriously. Companies work on their timeline not ours. The job search process is designed to benefit employers not job seekers. The CT Groups can offer support in the various steps of career transition. Learn to work smart and effectively not just fast and hard, to enlist a team to support you, to present crisp resumes, to make the smart moves, to reach the people you need and not be a hostage of the Internet submission process. 
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