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Updated 08/05/2017

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                  16:10                   July 31, 2017

   Jeremy Park, President of, interviews Mike Zurkammer, founder of
   The CT Groups, a free career transition support network in Memphis, TN supporting
   approximately 2,600 people with over 60 professional volunteers. Our volunteers are
   unpaid and are retired, hold full-time professional positions, or are in a search.

   The core of what became The CT Groups began in 1988 when two people (Mr. Robert
   "Bob" Reilly and Mr. Theodore W. "Ted" Medlin), unknowing of the other, realized the
   need to provide support to the many being laid off in Memphis. From this, the first two
   groups began and still operational today. As time passed so grew the need and
   additional groups were created. In 2002 Mr. Zurkammer attended a professional
   outplacement service and discovered these relatively unknown support groups.  Mike
   saw opportunities to leverage available technology to enhance support for the Group
   Moderators and to the membership using secure electronic means for members to
   communicate across Groups they joined at a zero incremental cost. Mike created the
   design, process with training and is the Administrator. He later created our primary
   website,, and continuously evolved the website including updates
   and enhancements.

   Meetings are held in Memphis, Collierville, Cordova and Germantown. 

   The groups were named The CT Groups (The Career Transition Groups) to create a
awareness. From Feb 3, 2003 to Feb 1, 2017 over 7,000 people seeking our
   support. In 2011 Mr. Zurkammer created, launched and maintains
   site to provide additional material using available on-line technologies. Despite the
   hats, his work colleagues and customers were unaware of his volunteerism.

   There are no records to reflect those who came between 1998 and Feb 3, 2003.

   Whether you lost your job, want to find a better job, a housewife or househusband
   needing to increment the household income, a college student wanting to prepare
   for entry into the job force, or one of our returning members of the US Military we
   are a place that can help in finding and landing an office based job.

   cityCURRENT Radio Show, which airs each Saturdays from 5-6 PM and Sundays
   from 9-10 AM on News Radio 600 WREC.