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Kindle Award

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   Michael Zurkammer was awarded a 2014 Kindle
   Award by 2014 Pink Eagles, Inc. and The Loretta
   McNary Show for his activities with The CT Groups
   and the many volunteers who provide career
   transition support without charge.

   The CT Groups is a zero-revenue operation
   providing free support to those seeking assistance
   understanding the process and finding their next
   new job. All leaders volunteer their time and talent.

   The core services started in 1988 and renamed to
   The CT Groups on Feb 2, 2003 with expanded new
   resources to support the membership and assist
   Moderators in their effort to help the members.

   Pictured is Loretta McNary outside of a remote
   taping location for the Loretta McNary Show.

   Pink Eagles Inc. and Blue Eagles are non-profit
   organizations that mentor, train and support girls
   and boys in the areas of social etiquette, academic
   engagement, leadership development, art
   appreciation, Entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.
   To help build communities and businesses that are
   self-sufficient, sustainable, successful and scalable.

   The Loretta McNary Show is a Memphis-based daytime show hosted by TV
   personality, radio show host (Loretta McNary Live, the Radio Show), Empowerment
   Speaker and award-winning author, Loretta McNary. The Loretta McNary Show, TV
   Talk Show, debuted December 2006 in Memphis, TN. Each week, Loretta hosts
   celebrity interviews, medical experts, fashionistas, best-selling authors and everyday
   unsung heroes: real people offering real solutions to everyday problems. She brings
   a blend of high energy, fun, laughter, sophistication, and realness to TV talk. Drawing
   from her own personal life experiences, Loretta informs, educates and motivates,
   while covering a varied range of "hot" topics including healthy relationships, finance,
   fashion and beauty, technology, social media trends, health and fitness plus
   entertainment to help inspire her audience to embrace and create positive changes
   in their lives.