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Entercom Memphis

Mandy Morgan (News Director and on-air personality for WRVR's morning drive-time "Mike & Mandy Show") conducts an interview with David Silberman and Michael Zurkammer on The CT Groups for "Memphis Today".
  • WKQK (AM 94.1)
  • FM100 (99.9 FM)
  • WRVR 104.5 The River (104.5 FM)
  • ESPN (Memphis: 680 AM)
  • ESPN (Memphis: 92.9 FM)

The interview is a high-level discussion and does not, by itself, represent a complete or recommended plan to secure employment. As each person and their needs are unique, so must be the plan to reach their objectives.

Detailed information on each topic covered and others can be obtained by attending The CT Groups meetings. This brief overview of part of the job search process should not be considered as a full and complete plan to meet your specific needs. Each individual and their needs are different and will require adjustment to meet those specific dreams, goals, interests, needs, and other factors important to that individual. Statements made in the interviews are opinions of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the view of the station, management or their advertisers.