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We Believe in Memphis

   Christ Church is a leader in
   Career Transition Support
   in Memphis and makes no
   secret about it to people
   as they drive down Poplar
   Avenue every day on their
   way to work, home or out

   Christ Church invited our
   David Lanthier to appear
   on "We Believe in Memphis"
   to showcase and bring 
   awareness to this offering.

    Our own David Lanthier was a guest at We Believe in Memphis with Christ Church's
    Senior Minister Shane Stanford and Dr. Maxie Dunnam on February 28, 2015 to
    talk about the issues of career transition and the importance to help Memphis be
    the city it can be.  
Maxie even indicated what year Christ Church started their
    transition group if you listen carefully.

    During the interview, Sr. Minister Shane Stanford reflected a strong understanding
    when he commented:

"Today's issues is probably more poinyent that most because it hits everyone
 If you don't have a job, if you don't have a good job to provide for you and
 your family, boy, that can be a awfully difficult situation.  And so today we 
 are so excited to have David Lanthier who is a person who has worked in these
 issues on a professional but also on what we would consider to be on the more
 giving side as well."

    Great job David!

      Christ Church - We Believe in Memphis  Recorded February 28, 2015
           Christ Church's Sr. Minister Shane Stanford and Dr. Maxie Dunnam host Mr. David
         Lanthier of The CT Groups in discussing career transition in Memphis and the
         group at Christ Church.   Feb 28, 2015.