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Updated 07/17/2017

      All things in life evolve, hopefully including us as we learn
      and understand more and this is a good thing for all of us.
      Websites also evolve and this one is currently undergoing
      such a process. Old items will remain in place until they
      are moved, reformed or replaced by new content under
      the tab "ZLABS" until the transformation effort completes.

  This website will always be evolving and expanding until the end. Meanwhile, please
  understand the short-term inconvenience is a series of steps towards a greater good.

  One major change is a numbering scheme (000-999) which will reflect the phases of
  a career transition to help those in or facing a potential transition to:
     a)  obtain an understanding of what is ahead of them through all the phases
     b)  have an opportunity to do advance work or planning as they see fit. We do warn
          that the SARA period should not involve anything else but SARA to benefit you,
          your loved ones, and being mentally and physically better for a job search. 

Content below will continue to be here until the website is transformed to the new structure.

In JUNE 2017:
    The growth of content has been dramatic in the past 18 months and the need to change is now
     upon us. To avoid total confusion, a new tab towards the bottom of this website, ZLABS, has been
     created which will contain the recognized and new content for some of the key areas. In time it
     will be repositioned to an appropriate location in whole or part based on how this evolves.
     This new organization also introduces a 3 digit prefix to the segment title to help members see
     the logical flow and better facilitate finding information later.


     More information and content to come... currently a 57 second video.
     Information Hub | Burnout

     Many good people fall victim believing if no one has done it before, no one can or will.  Dead wrong! 
     Goals you set might be impossible given current circumstances including personal knowledge,
     technology, resources, etc. This is not to say they cannot be overcome by engaging the right team 
     and creative thinking. To do the impossible, you first must dream it is possible then start working
     on what you need to overcome to achieve your dream. The first item: how a man created a flying
     machine that flew around the world without any fuel.  "Impossible" said the experts.

     Information Hub | Do the Impossible

     Thought: Why conduct a Job Search versus an Employer Search for a good job?
     The answer often is ... people didn't think about it. Are you looking for somewhere do to some
     work for some period of time or find a great place that wants to help you develop in the area
     you have chosen as a career ... or even something better?

     Information Hub | Tips | Employer Search

     Many people "freeze up" in trying to think of smart questions to ask about the company and
     the job they are interviewing. Nothing new here, except the new focused questions sections
     in this segment. As of the initial creation, the following tabs exist under this section:
       -  Exploring the Role                           -  Company Culture
       -  Salary Structure & Compensation     -  Health Insurance
       -  Day-to-Day Responsibilities            -  Future Opportunities 

     More are envisioned in the future but this will help you make good use of your questions time.
     Information Hub | Tips | Interviews | Interviewing Tips

    "Man is only great when he acts from passion." ~ Benjamin Disraeli, 19th Century British PM
    Passion is a very powerful component in life as it can be the reason to rise and take action, pause
    and reflect for gifts we have received, or for very special people who came into or left our lives.
    Use passion to do great things, use passion to heal.


In MAY 2017:
    We try to make light of many things; Anxiety IS NOT ONE OF THEM. There are resources that may be available to talk to privately. There are ways this can be "turned around". But YOU MUST TAKE ACTION. A considerable number of links are provided.  Explore the links; take them seriously because they are.
    Information Hub | Tips | Anxiety
    Recruiters get paid by putting a candidate they find into an interview room to WOW! their client. If you are looking for loyalty in this relationship, do not be surprised if you are disappointed. They often are paid for being the winning recruiter so they play the game to win. This section presents various articles on dealing with Recruiters for your own awareness. Some are jerks while some are good folk.
    Information Hub | Tips | Recruiters | Bad Recruiter Habits

    In most companies, if you bring value you are a keeper even in bad times. If you bring passion you
    will be a driving force for great things and enjoy doing it.  If you have value and passion you may
    be an unstoppable and contagious force!

    Information Hub | Bringing Value, Passion

    This is a "monster" of a topic so we're elevating it to a higher level within the website and adding
    multiple topic tabs for it with expectations for more to come.  Included is a subtab on
    Attire, Business Travel, the TSA Real ID Program and Workplace Tips.
    Information Hub | Business

    You did your research, pulled all the keywords, pumped your Resume with high-quality examples
    of achievement including million dollar savings yet the phone does not ring. This section will look
    at the process from the "other side of the table", from the employers perspective to provide valued
    insight into the grand question "are we missing something or are they?"  Learn from mistakes.

    Information Hub | Tips | Resumes | Employers View

    Articles were slow to emerge in the early 2000's but have built significant presence the past few years
    as people week to understand what it is, how you get it and if that is even possible. If you are seeking an executive position, a near executive role or any other professional position, this may be worthy of your time. As another person said, it ain't gonna hurt ya to learn something.
    Information Hub | Tips | Executive Presence

    You planned you organized, you prepared, you communicate the game plan yet it was a failure. Stuff happens. The question is what do you learn from this and how do you recover? This is about recovery.
    Information Hub | Tips | Failure Recovery

    On the surface it seems simple, then you get into the meat of it and realize entire groups of people don't make the cut for Genuine People. For those who are Genuine People, they can play a significant role in the world of business, organizations, and others because of who they are and how they conduct themselves.
    Information Hub | Genuine People 

    Life is filled with many things that are not "happiness" and, on this website, we focus on turning around the challenges of unemployment. One means to assist this transition is by providing ideas to happy which enhances your mental, emotional and physical abilities. Within this section, which is now promoted to a major entry at, items to help you with your happiness will be offered. There are times when feeling bad are appropriate but it cannot become a new lifestyle if you are to be happy again. A few small steps in the right direction can make significant differences in your life and those around you.  Who wants to be unhappy?  Give it a shot!

    Remember, gazillions of people will gravitate to these in hopes of landing their new job in a week. Fact is the biggest value is finding out where you need to be networking at very quickly, as "the cat is now out of the bag" and everyone will be swarming this opportunity. Focus on networking and finding the jobs that are going to be approved so you have time to make contacts and network your way into a job. Yes, some jobs are still filled by recruiters, but take control of your job search and make them your backup job search agent.
    Information Hub | Tips | Job Boards

    OK, lots of hands going up. And people over 40 are being hired despite the hype but there are some
    bad managers who can't handle someone older than they are or their parents. Dump them. Good sign to skip that company. Get tips and idea on how to play your AGE ADVANTAGE in your search!
    Information Hub | Tips | Job Search | Job Seekers over 40

    Handling the truth is rarely easy but handling it we must. So where does one turn to master reality and the truth?  Here are quotes from iconic movies from the land of make believe that just MIGHT bring you the power to persevere and overcome the "dark forces" at work. Take the trip down memory lane and have a few laughs and remember good times. May the Farce be with you!
    Information Hub | Movie Lines

    This is a time established a process which most agree needs fixing.  Yet it is the convention for evaluating the performance of an employee ideally with an open dialogue with their manager on how to become better and some courses of action. It is also an opportunity for managers to learn more about how they have performed as a manager. This section will provide insight into both sides of the review.
    Information Hub | Tips | Performance Review

    A young baby will persist in their cries for food until fed. A focused person on a quest for what they see as essential or for the greater good will persist until their goal is achieved. They are what Tom Peters describes as the "monomaniac on a mission."  Persistence often drives success despite personal fears of failure, while our heart and optimism drive us forward often to exceed our own expectations and leave others astonished. This is a powerful drive that has been a driving factor for many in their quest for things better.  It is so powerful and so important that it is in the first level of the website tree structure. Push back on your fears, as all great achievers have done just that.

    Things happen despite best of plan or intent whether it is tasking people, planning dates, or designing new processes or system ... things happen. So you move to correct and move forward as you cannot anticipate all challenges or issues and you can not mitigate all risks. The key is not to prosecute people who acted in good faith despite changing conditions as that damages them and you as a leader or potential leader. And this is why they get the extra dollars in their paycheck.
    Over time this may expand into a multi tab topic.


    Face it: most hires are on SKILLS, REFERENCES, and ENDORSEMENTS and not another hot Pretty Face.
    Sound like stuff from LinkedIn? Right, you are. Do you have the skills and do you have the Endorsements to back them up. In every LinkedIn Profile, there is a section 
    marked "Featured Skills and Endorsements": People give you a "check mark" to indicate you have the Skill shown. The problem is many indicate people have skills and both may be challenged to define just what that skill is. The Endorsements are when the "real value" is as these are written by the recommender on their experience with you. Why is there a difference? People will lie if their name and explanation aren't involved. The Endorsements require that making them more "trustworthy" to employers and anyone else.  This section will contain information to help you in this area!

    Information Hub | Tips | Resumes | Skills & Endorsements

    In your interviews, roughly what percentage of the conversation was about your personal skills and
    experience compared to your contributions in teams? Chances are the word "team" in any form was
    not brought up or discussed in any depth. Yet nearly everyone in an organization is part of a team.
    Is this a topic area you can shine in if you take the conversations there as a contributor and/or team
    leader? Other information on Teams is also presented.

    Information Hub | Teams

In APR 2017:
    This is a collection of "Top 10 Quotes" from Sir Richard Brandon in 25 unique areas that he likes plus
    quotes from other notables. One never knows what these can do for your outlook until you read and think about them to your situation. And the price is right.
    Information Hub | Advice

    Being "smart" involves numerous factors of which having a "sky-high IQ" is not always part of pre-requisites. The determination to achieve is often a component. Yet you may find more articles on the negative side of being smart of the issues before one who seeks to be smart than ones on the positive or developmental side. Being smart can also be just seeing things that others do not or elect not to see. In researching "smart people" you can find it was not intellectual brilliance but more determination to make something better. So even if you are someone with a "sky-high IQ", think about what the authors offer to improve your abilities.
    Information Hub | Tips | Be Smart

    Yes, this does require some thinking but it can be bad for your careerA number of examples are covered in the articles offered for your review. Who woulda thunk?
    Information Hub | Tips | Being Too Good

    Career disasters can happen anywhere at any time. They can and will happen at least once and most likely multiple times in a given career. They key is classic disaster recovery practice: try to assess what happened (may not always be possible), determine and assess where the damage is and the impact, who can be enlisted to help with the disaster and what corrective steps may be required even if it means eating some "crow"). Taking ownership is one of the political keys to restoring faith and credibility. Taking ownership of disasters due to others can be a career building component if done well and in a proactive stance.
    Information Hub | Tips | Career Disaster

    Have you ever been asked what kind of fruit you would be if you could be a fruit and if the Interview is having a medical emergency? Today these questions were merged to challenge good listening, instruction, and thinking/planning skills to solve something never encountered before by you which causes a "shutdown" in any effort to address this new challenge. These questions focus on your ability to work through an unknown problem with something that has the sound of credibility to it. This test is about two areas: did you shut down or push away from the question or did you make a reasonable effort to develop an approach to solve the problem. Guess which is the area that gets the interview points?
    Information Hub | Tips | Interviews | Interviewing Tips | Clown Questions 

    Fear is the most powerful force in the universe yet we don't talk about it often. Fear potentially has a significant influence in career decisions we make. When fear becomes a factor in looking for a new job, the pressures can be greater especially if your cash is low, payment needs are high and you have to get a cash flow going somewhere. It is not easy to make sound decisions while under great pressure but you have to make a decision. Here are articles on such high-pressure situations and clues you may want to consider in taking a job.
    Information Hub | Tips | Clues Not To Take Job 

    Many factors go into a hiring decision, but some are more dominant in the decision maker. One of these articles was written to help the interviewer make their decision on factors.
    Information Hub | Tips | Hiring | Factors for Hiring 

    Office gossip can be a destructive force within a department or company, often spreading information that is less than complete and sometimes totally incorrect. Yet "definitive" word from "insider info' spreads. This section offers articles on the topic including discussions on how to end gossip.
    Information Hub | Tips | Gossip

    In business two four letter words drive things:  RISK and FEAR.
    Bad hires are very expensive in dollars, time and reputations. Yet we are not exploring alternatives. This is to help you understand some of the areas an Interviewer or Recruiter may be having about anyone who is a job seeker so that the two can help calm fears or reservations to start a great Win-Win relationship. Always ask questions and if information is not forthcoming, rethink the relationship.
    Information Hub | Tips | Interviews | Interviewing Tips | Interviewer Notes 

    It is possible for an Introvert to do well in an interview. You will not be able to "stroll" in and take control as that's not your style. But there are some steps you can take to come across well during an interview that can make a difference for you and your future if you work at it!
    Information Hub | Tips | Interviews | Interviewing Tips | Introvert Interview

    These can come at any time for any reason, right or wrong, legal or not. Fighting may involve considerable time and expense when you should focus on getting your game plan organized and find the new and better place to be. The articles present some information none of which would be considered as legal advice or counsel for actions you may be considerating. Allow some time to clear your head from destructive emotions before working to reenter the job market.
    Information Hub | Tips | Termination | Involuntary Seperation

In MAR 2017:
    So the interviewer says, "What do you know about our company?" and you realize this opportunity and you just "crashed and burned"! If you don't know key information about a company, including culture, type of business, public or private, what they make or do and where you too can "crash and burn". This tab provides ways to get information for Private or Public companies from various free resources including the United States Securities and Exchange Commission for publically traded companies. Never forget your connections, people you know there, Press Releases and local news stories. You may surprise your interviewer by knowing more about the company than they do, especially recent news.
    Information Hub | Companies

    For longer interviews, you may be taken out for lunch or dinner which is, in fact, another interview.  Since some of us are more prepared to eat at Burger Barn than a Four Star Eatery, here is information to help you look great, navigate some traps and which fork to use!
    Information Hub | Tips | Interviews | Dining

  • FIRED Reasons
    Some involuntary terminations ("firings") are very justified while others are politically driven or selectively omitted extenuating facts. Either way it happens. This section discusses some of the more compelling reasons for termination that are destructive to the employer and impact those seeking to be a great team from reaching the levels they aspire to.
    Mistakes | Fired Reasons

    Written by Craig Stickland (founding Pastor, Hope Church), this was circulated within our network and received great feedback on Linkedin.  If you have not read this and your feeling in the dumps over your Job Search, check it out... it's a good short read from a good local author.
    Other articles by Craig are shown on the We Believe tab. 

    Home | We Believe | How to Get Out of a Funk

    Managers and Recruiters should understand and practice the power found through influencing and persuading people.  As a Job Seeker, you should understand and learn this power for your interviews.
    FREE AUDITING COURSE from Coursera & the University of Michigan.
    Information Hub | Tips | Influence-Persuasion

    Leadership is always in excessive supply except for good leadership.  It is here that companies should be hungry to find talent that can take their teams to greater achievement.
    Information Hub | Tips | Leadership

    5 short videos (each under 4 minutes) with thought provoking ideas in the area of leadership with attention-getting titles.
    Information Hub | Content | Videos | Leadership

    What job seeker does not want more interviews and better interview?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Here are some articles to help you not only get more interviews but to think about what's going on to smash your interview into a good job offer.
    Information Hub | Tips | More & Better

    It is possible to successfully negotiate yourself into having less. Information is critical to negotiate and companies often do not put all their cards on the table for you.  You must do your research.
    Some articles are provided including ones representing the employer.
    Information Hub | Tips | Interviews | Negotiating

    The Job Description was written for you! The screening interview came three days after submission. An interview was set for the following week. Four interviews and all gave strong positive signs and congratulatory remarks afterward. Two weeks later you get a Dear John letter ... and your first name isn't John! There can be so many factors, most will never be disclosed, some may not be legitimate. This page hopefully will provide some insight into an imperfect and flawed process, encouraging your continued efforts and possibly giving thanks that you did not end up there after all.  Sometimes losing leaves you a winner.
    Information Hub | Tips | Job Search | Not Hired

    Got your interest right? There are things and amounts of our lives and work that are fine to share. The challenge for some is knowing when to stop providing information. You will find framework articles that help keep your conversations within acceptable bounds.
    Information Hub | Tips | OVEREXPOSED

    Something worth discussing with your manager as a question targeted towards successful progression in your learning and taking on more work with a high level of quality in what your produce. This sets a good stage for the conversation and help you understand the process used by providing for rewards and recognition which can be a salary increase or a bonus or other incentive until a salary adjustment is possible.
    Information Hub | Tips | Raises

    There are four times you do not need references, but these are not common situations. Here are some articles to help you understand how to approach and secure references for your next career or sometimes next promotion.
    Information Hub | Tips | References

    Retirement can be good if you plan and save for it. Otherwise it may not be so good for you. Working longer may offset losses in the market over the years and delay the need to withdraw from savings
    (subject to IRS Rules on Mandatory Withdrawals from Retirement Accounts).
    Information Hub | Tips | Retirement

    It's hard to look up when you're busy looking down on yourself.  Lack of self-esteem can hurt your abilities in many ways but the good news is you can follow guidance to help yourself out of this funk.
    Information Hub | Tips | Self-Esteem

In FEB 2017:
  • 60 Top Companies in Memphis to Work At
    From the Commercial Appeal as of December 2016
    60 Top Companies

  • Additional Content
    Additional TED Video Links and Articles are now part of our library to help those in career transition in addition to new tabs and a reorganization of the Articles tab dividing the Articles into two tabs; 
    ARTICLES A-K and ARTICLES L-Z.  The ARTICLES Tab provides lists of all subject areas covered, which may be expanded as appropriate. 

  • Anger
    Anger is something you want to know how to prevent or at least control if you are subject to anger quickly.  This link provides some authoritative articles on Anger and some free tests you can take.  Since this is a medical topic, please note the Disclaimer shown.
    Information Hub | Tips | Anger

  • FOOLED - Fake Job Offer
    Forbes published an article to help you spot a potential fake job that may come to you.  It is bad enough facing the loss of money but you also lose the valuable time chasing a non-existent opportunity.
    Information Hub | Tips | Job Offer Fake

  • Industry Humor
    A job search can wear you out.  To help it along, a new family of tabs has been established under Industry Humor.  First up, Project Managers.  A list of over 100 terms used to bring some laughs.
    Resources | Industry Humor | Project Management
  • Interactive Elevator Speech Training from AARP
    Hats off to AARP for creating this FIRST CLASS training material that is available on-line.  The interactive component allows you to select from three possible options for your next step and not only get their feedback but see what would happen from your choice.  It is better to make an error in your decision before the computer to learn than to make this "rookie" mistake before someone who could hire you!  And thanks to Mr. Podgors for making us all aware of this great tool.
    Information Hub | Tips | Elevator Speech

  • Internal Interview
    You landed the job and now it's time to move up which may require the Internal Interview.  What you went through before was a good exposure but the rules have changed and they now have history on you from your manager and others.  Time to read, study, and prep!
    Information Hub | Tips | Interviews | Internal Interview

  • Job Fairs, etc.
    An updated providing the required pre-registration link for those wanting to attend was posted this free event at the Memphis Hilton.
    Announcements | Job Fairs, etc <<<

  • Successful People
    How do successful people be or stay successful?  We have gathered a number of articles on success in various areas and presented them in one location for quick discovery and reading.
    Information Hub | Tips | Successful People

  • Time to Leave
    You're at a job you have enjoyed but something has changed.  You are at a point where you are evaluating whether to stay or leave.  Here are some articles that may help you in this process.
    Information Hub | Tips | Time to Leave

In JAN 2017:
  • BBB Scam Tracker
    The Better Business Bureau now offers an on-line means to reports scams you or your family have encountered and review your community for the scams reported.  Personal information is asked for but is not displayed to the Public - do NOT put personal information into the box marked "Describe the Scam" as this information will be displayed to the Public.
    Home | BBB Scam Reporting

  • Chuck Winters
    On January 7th we all lost Chuck who served with great distinction as a moderator at St. Francis of Assisi.  Chuck's background was his authentic passion in helping people learn and he lived his passion and are so noted by others who he had touched in his all too short time with us.  For the many people in need you touched, thank you Chuck!
    Announcements | Our Good Friends

  • Do the Impossible
    Say it can't be done?  Nonsense!  Someone just hasn't figured it out yet.  Look at Walt Disney's life story, fired from a job because he was not creative enough then lost most of what he had and regrouped to create a highly recognized global multi-billion dollar corporation. Or Andre Borschbert who flew around the world without using any fuel.  The world belongs to those who believe, who see a dream then make it a reality.  Remember Thomas Edison's name until his bulb gave light?
    Information Hub | Articles | Emotion | Do The Impossible

  • Emotional Intelligence
    This field of study has grown in the past few years in management circles to better train and prepare
    managers for handling situations better.  This page includes information on what is Emotional Intelligence, some charts that can be enlarged, and a number of supporting articles including a means to determine your Emotional Intelligence.
    Information Hub | Tips |
    Emotional Behavior

  • Likeability
    Not many do not want to be liked, it's part of being human.  This section offers a chart and a number of articles from various sources that discuss the specific traits of what they found constitute likeability.
    Information Hub | Tips | Likeability

  • NEW GROUP LAUNCHED 1-31-2017
    The Germantown CT Group launched by this date by Richard Redmont meeting off West St in Germantown.  Richard will focus on three simple yet critical points in his program which are:
    1)  Accountability in your search plan,
      2)  Family communications and challenges and
      3)  How do I become a great networker?
    simple areas have a significant impact on helping you be productive and stay on track.  Think how much money you are NOT making each week while unemployed as a motivator to work smart!
    Meetings are normally planned for every Tuesday from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM.
    See Richard's group within this website at

  • New LinkedIn Structure
    By the word is out, LinkedIn made some changes and not everyone can figure out how to do what
    they did before.  Some information has been posted to help you work through this abrupt change.
    There were many changes, some features can not be found and a number of defect reports.
    Software testing can be challenging when you have over 400 million testers looking at everything!

    UPDATE:  LinkedIn is offering a process to revert to the prior version of LinkedIn.  No indication at
                   at this point, if this impacts your ability to include future LinkedIn futures or changes.

    Information Hub | Tips | LinkedIn

  • Presentations
    The ability to persuade others is important whether you are the CEO of a giant corporation or meeting with friends on where to go eat.  To lead others extends beyond work; it reaches into personal and social activities that gain you respect, admiration and influence. 
    It requires time and effort but, in the end, it's all worth the investment.

    Information Hub | Tips | Presentations 

  • Public Speaking
    Whether it is a gathering of 2 people somewhere or in FedEx Forum for a "packed house", the skills for Public Speaking are increasingly important.  Whether it is to inform, teach, persuade or give a "Call to Action", this is an important tool in your soft skills repository employers need.  Included
    are articles, TED Videos, and a list of 27 items you need to know.
    Information Hub | Tips | Public Speaking

  • What are Employers "Looking For"?
    Going into an interview with people you know nothing about is not easy for many people.  We have
    compiled a list of 17 different things you may encounter or be probed for information on during
    your interview.  These can help you perform better by reviewing them well before the interview
    and preparing your responses to each.  These are general areas and do not include specific areas
    to the position you are applying for.

    Information Hub | Tips | Interviews | Interviewing Tips | Looking For

  • What "The Bachelor" Can Teach You About the Hiring Process
    Definitely off the beaten path but there are some interesting observations that may help you through the process.
    Information Hub | Articles-Video | Articles | Job Search Mistakes

In DEC 2016:
  • Forbes Videos
    Forbes, as well respected business publication, is making some of their videos available via their website.  We have identified ones we found that could benefit our membership in their career or job search.  No popcorn but the show is short and there is no admission.
    Information Hub | Content | Videos | Forbes Videos

  • Your Worth
    We work for hourly wages or salary and potentially benefits offered to employees.  Part of hiring someone is will the desired candidate work for our wages or salary or not.  This help to understand the process and one resource that can provide information to assist you in these discussions of your worth versus their compensation.
    Information Hub | Tips | Your Worth

  • Emotional Intelligence
    There is growing discussion on whether Emotional Intelligence (EI) is real, misdirected findings or something else.  Information is provided as it offers insight on how a person can further improve themselves without exhaustive efforts.  Links and graphics are provided.
    Information Hub | Tips | Emotional Intelligence

  • Da Blues
    No, not something on Beale Street but the potentially crippling mental state people get from depression and/or the winter season.  One of the causes is being in a Career Transition.  If you see these symptoms, try some of the suggestions offered by the authors.  If that is not successful for you, reach out for help.
    Information Hub | Tips | Da Blues

  • Veterans Resources
    Information for returning Veterans to assist them and their spouses join the workforce.
    Welcome home!
    Veterans Resources

  • Background Checks
    Background checks protect employers and current employees from a number of potential and unwanted situations.  Drug Screening, Financial Checks, References and Licenses/Certifications are all a routine process performed where applicable.
    Information Hub | Tips | Background Checks

  • e-Mail Tips
    Most people today can create and send an e-mail from multiple devices yet few have learned how to write an effective e-mail.  To help these, a page has been established to highlight good habits for a business e-mail.  General guidance is also provided to create your Signature Block.  Done well, this can impress many recipients with little work by you since most do not know this capability exists!
    Information Hub | Tips | e-Mails

  • Top 10 Soft Skills
    Information from an article published in Aug 2016 from LinkedIn survey listing the Top 10 Soft Skills PLUS the Top 10 industries where these are in demand and not so in demand.  IN ADDITION links to the article, some of the data AND FREE EDUCATION can be found.
    NEW UPDATES on 12/9/16 to focus on the Top 5 Skills with insight as to why they are essentially universal. 
    Information Hub | Tips | Top Soft Skills

  • Career Sabotage
    Sometimes we feel others are working against us in our careers.  We look for possible saboteurs: co-workers, our manager, one of our former managers.  Before you start pointing figures and opening up doors you don't want to be opened, read these articles before acting.
    Information Hub | Tips | Career Sabotage 

In Nov 2016:
  • Passwords
    The concern in the IT industry continues to grow with the spread of programs for computers and all "handheld" devices like phones, tablets, etc.  "Apps" that have malware to steal information have found their way into legitimate "stores" and people still like to use the most commonly hacked passwords.  With the move to add credit cards to these devices the risk only increases.  For Passwords, see
    Tech TipsPasswords

  • Added a new tab for Data Breach to help understand HOW it happens and insight from State Farm Insurance on things you can try.  Financial institutions are to protect you to a certain extent, but personal experience revealed basic flaws in their process and/or training that puts customers at potential additional risk.
    Information Hub | The Bad Guys | Data Breach Protection

  • We are facing some delays as our computer is terminal due to a power surge from lightning along a printer/scanner that is not up to expectations.  As such, there is a risk in making more than minor
    changes to the web site until the equipment can be replaced

    MEANWHILE, a new tab has been added for TED Playlists  This selection is created by TED grouped around various themes and is very easy to browse through to find specific areas of interest for your personal, professional or job search needs.
    Information Hub | Videos | Ted Videos | 
    TED Playlists

In Oct 2016:
  • @TheCTGroups_Org  -- Now you can follow us on Twitter

  • Articles & TED Videos continue to expand along with other areas.

  • Targeting a reorganization of some items to place information
    available in a better manner for the membership.

  • Don't overlook the article at Home regarding this political year.
    There is a reason the Founding Fathers created a secret ballot.
    Remember your approved Photo ID (TN Driver's License will work) when you vote
    Too many cases of voter fraud, people casting multiple ballots even in different counties/states. 

In Sept 2016:
  • A free Myers-Briggs Personality Test is now available along with two links: one for interpreting the results and one showing famous people who have the various Myers-Briggs codes.  This FREE TEST
    is not a full test and should not be viewed as a definitive result that would provide greater analysis and insight into your personality. Companies see value in Myers-Briggs and invest large sums of money testing their people to improve productivity within groups.

  • On-The-Job is for experienced and first job employees who need a little insight into what they see or are experiencing.
    Information Hub | Articles & Video | Articles

  • Job Offer has been extended to cover negotiations with articles from and their online look-up tool to find salaries by job title by the company and city.  Remember different cities have different cost of living factors and thus the differences.

  • Job Search Videos, Leadership Videos and Self Help Videos have been relocated under Information Hub | Articles & Video 

    Departure Search tab under Information Hub | Articles & Video | Articles was added for those needing to conduct a job search while still employed which can create problems for the job seeker.
    Caution is recommended.

  • Mistakes tab under Information HubTips | Interviews for non-verbal, physical and verbal common Interview mistakes to help you score stronger than others. Don't expect to remember them all.  This is a major section with considerable meat to it for everyone.

  • TED Videos and other videos under Articles & Video under Information Hub continue to be added each month.  Current count for Ted Videos is 145 as of Sept 18, 2016.

In Aug 2016:
  • Medical Assistance tab under the Information Hub tab has been added to offer information on potential free or nearly free prescriptions available through their organization without any fees charge to you for their services.  ALSO, they list free to low-cost clinics in your area through the Partnership for Prescription Assistance organization.  IF CASH FLOW IS PREVENTING ACCESS TO

  • Tips on Body Language has been added under the Tips sub-tab under the Information Hub section.  Good stuff for interview preparation.

  • TED Videos and other videos under Articles & Video under Information Hub continue to be added each month.  Current count for Ted Videos is 125 as of Aug 31, 2016.

  • TIPS has been dramatically expanded and hopefully will be a focus for the balance of 2016 to give
    greater insight into doing a career transition better.

In July 2016:
  • New tab: Job Fairs (under Announcements), to highlight events reported to for posting by representatives of the organizers or other sources deemed reliable.

  • Added quotes from Sir Richard Branson under Business.

  • Added over 70 new items to TED Videos and created an Index using the page after the TED Videos page.

In June 2016:
  • Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, was added to Business with other well-known corporate leaders.  Leadership Videos were also added in Videos from the Cathy Family foundation.

  • Added Articles & Videos to consolidate these into a central location for each of the viewer.  Videos will come from a variety of sources including TED that are relevant to those in a career transition.
    of the selections are specifically selected for career transitioners.

  • Added Family Records to provide an example of saving is important family and household records electronically should you experience a disaster at your residence or community.  Proof of identity in any big disaster will be very important.  Be smart, be prepared, be covered!

In May 2016:
  • Added capability to enlarge photos and graphics providing directions to meeting rooms for those with visual limitations.  This will be an on-going effort where possible within the website.

  • Expansion of Our Good Friends to include additional Moderators and support members who have left The CT Groups or passed away.

In Apr 2016:
  • A new tab, Our Good Friends was added to recognize those caring individuals who donated their time and talent to prepare materials, topics then help those in their career transition challenges and have since left.  

  • Added additional items to The Bad Guys tab to alert people to what new scams look like and how
    to spot the indicators of a scam or questionable business deal.

In Feb 2016:
  • A new section, Pushing Through ... was added to showcase challenging situations people have encountered and how they pushed through seemingly insurmountable roadblocks to reach their dreams and goals.  Many people will have tough times in their life.  Read how those with a really tough challenge overcame theirs!

In Jan 2016:
  • Additional material to the web site across multiple topics includingweb site across multiple topics including notices about increased e-mail attacks where even clicking "Unsubscribe" was a potential riskWhen it doubt, delete them!

In Dec 2015:
  • The Bad Guys section was expanded as more people are falling victim to cyber-based crimes and mischief.  New areas provide actual samples of attacks (with dangerous items disabled or removed) along with commentary on how to spot the attacks against you. Knowledge is Power. 

In Nov 2015:
  • Created information for the Getwell Road United Methodist location of The CT Groups moderated by Rob Kirksey.

  • Expanded information within In The News and looking to find means to bring forward the recorded interviews.

In Aug to Oct 2015:
  • Performing housekeeping tasks, improvements suggested plus delivery and restructuring considerations, especially for prospective and new members.

In July 2015:
  • A new tab, A Site Introduction, was created to provide visitors with an overview of each 1st and 2nd level tabs offered.  This tab will be updated reflecting substantive changes.

In June 2015:

In May 2015:
  • Smarter Options
    Options available to you when you have land to retain your membership and have "instant on" access to the e-mails in three different settings of delivery allowing you to tailor e-Mails to your preferences.  Career Transition is not easy and it is expensive.  Why throw away the investment you earned when you can keep resources available when needed and turn them on or off instantly for free?

  • The Bad Guys
    This section was expanded on additional warning signs of potential
    fraud or links that may cause you a "negative experience" and how
    you can detect these potential problems.

  • Realignment & Expansion of items under Yahoo! Help
    The tab Yahoo! Help now includes an overview of the provided 5 major subtabs with those subtabs provided on Yahoo! Help along the bottom.   
In March 2015:
  • FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions]
    To assist the public in understanding The CT Groups and are operations a new section to address Frequently Asked Questions was created driven mostly by inquiries from the public.  This helps to remove fear and uncertainty about the organization which may inhibit people from joining.  It also helps to provide direction to other areas with to more detailed information on our program, resources, groups (including locations, dates, times and focus).
Whether you are new or a long time member, this may provide resources you were not aware of previously. 
  • Tech Tips
    Members often asked about the performance of their personal computer and options that area available from various sources.  This evolving section provides insight into using existing Microsoft Software licensed with your Windows Operating system to solve many of these potential problems for a little of your time and zero cost. 
The Index provides insight into the solutions provided and what the characteristics of poor performance they can help to resolve.  While some of this is "heavy tech stuff" the reason why the problem is created and what the solution does to resolve the problem is written for most readers to readily follow along with directions on finding, launching and using the software from Microsoft.
Documentation on the listed Microsoft tools is available from Microsoft via your personal computer files or on-line at

Additional tools to address other problems will be added as time and ability permit.

So for a little time learn how to fix your computer and save a lot of money. 
  • Yahoo! eMail Management
    Provides information on the three recommended levels you may change yourself at any time using your ID to Yahoo! and a Yahoo! tool at no cost.  This can allow you to reduce the e-mail from The CT Groups after landing and change the levels as you need/want them during employment or if/when you want them again.  A discussion of the PROs and CONs of each of the three levels is provided.

  • eMail Management 
    Using e-mail Software to automatically kill unwanted Group Mailings

    Provides a conceptual discussion to set your e-mail software to seek out and delete e-mails meeting certain criteria such as the start of a Subject or specific e-mail address.  Often these settings can provide for the automatic deletion of e-Mails confirming to the defined criteria before they arrive in your In-Mail basket.  This should be used as a last resort given the Adjusting Yahoo! e-mail Volume Levels options above.  Because of the various levels of a given e-mail software and the number of providers it is not practical to provide a step-by-step process to set this up.  Check with your software documentation to obtain the steps you need to use and the impacts it will bring to your environment.

  • The Bad Guys
    Attacks against computers, large and small, have grown over the past several years.  Phishing attacks (generally e-mail trying to trick you into an unwise action benefiting the Bad Guys) is on the rise.  Attacks against some businesses and financial institutions has resulted in the Bad Guys stealing then reselling personal information (Name(s), Address, Phone numbers, e-Mail Addresses) which is allowing the Bad Guys to personalize their attacks.  While this takes more time to write the e-Mail generating software, it creates a better illusion of being legitimate by presenting your information in the e-mail.

    Other types of Phishing attacks are also listed including those using Attachments, Financial Accounts, Identity Theft, Government Notices and other scams in general.  Material presented helps you recognize the fatal mistakes made in this fraudulent e-mails so that you do not take the actions they want to use by compelling urgent action to protect yourself or others.

    Often the best defense is remaining calm and skeptical while looking for indications of fraud or communications that any major corporation would never authorize for release.  As a last resort, call the provider using numbers listed on your bank statement, credit card or in the telephone directory to validate the message received.
Pre-March 2015:
  • So much was going on to identify quick solutions to obtain, a name then build out a website to support the membership there was no time to log the growth activity.  Because we are a zero revenue organization we leverage free resources first then minimal cost resources as a last resort.

    We view 
    this web site as both a resource of The CT Groups and the public for awareness to help inform those who are in a job search regarding our free services including meetings and companionship.  Being in a job search can be intimidating, humiliating, and frightening and has been the cause of many taking drastic steps which only create greater hardships.

    If your organization would like to help others become aware of our services, please let us know as
    we can provide you links at this website to obtain our roster/schedule of meetings, and how easy it is for someone in the Memphis area to become a member.  We are able to do this at no cost to the job seeker through meeting facilities provided by houses of worship, Southwest Community College, and a McAlister's plus over 60 volunteers with experience in various facets of career transition.

    Send your inquiry to
    It makes take some time to reply but we will reply to legitimate inquiries.