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Updated 06/16/2017

    "Hovering" over an item involves moving the mouse over text, pictures and links within the
    document but NOT clicking on anything. This will result in the ACTUAL versus SHOWN
    link that is hidden behind the text, pictures or links within the document.

      TIP 1: Computer people, like so many others, do not find value in using long strings of
                numbers and letters to help them get back to what they did on a computer as you
                may never remember it. That is the point of the "Bad Guys" ... make their creations
                appear to be Operating System files so that other IT people won't go there to wipe
                it out.  This is a RED FLAG of something very wrong.

      TIP 2: When you realize all the links being revealed to you are the same, this is a clear
                RED FLAG.  The link to order an item, see a picture or unsubscribe will NEVER be
                the same link. 


  1.  Big Operation uses a Personal or Foreign E-mail Account?
     Would Microsoft send you an e-mail from ?  Highly unlikely.
     Yet people ignore these little things which are SCAM RED FLAGS that something
     is very wrong with the e-mail and content.

  2.  Big US Entity doing business ONLY in the US uses Foreign E-mail Account?
     The FHA (Federal Housing Authority) would use their own e-mail server to send notices
     out encouraging people to refinance and NOT an e-mail address in the United Kingdom.
     The US-based FHA would not use a non-profit foreign-based e-mail account service and
     would not use an e-mail account containing cryptic characters in the e-mail address.
     These are RED FLAGS you do not want to miss as they are so easily spotted.
              Actual e-mail address displayed:

  3.  Why are there multiple pairs of the "<" and ">" signs in their e-mail address?
     This is NOT a legal e-mail address but can be inserted by the sender. This is possible due to
     the how the early e-mail systems were designed. Hopefully those in charge, the Internet
     Engineering Task Force, will redesign the rules and process for greater traceability and
     enhanced security.  These are RED FLAGS which prevent you from using your e-mail tools
     to block these e-mails due to the illegal characters.