Updated 02/09/2017

  Books are about learning and I'm dun with skool.
  Our world changed; everyone should be a continual
  learner developing technical, regulatory, interpersonal
  plus old fashioned "soft skill"s jobs now in demand and
  will continue to demand in the future
 Here is our
  helpful list to help you pick up knowledge at no or little
  cost to make you more a more attractive worker.

  Most public and university libraries are automated making it easy to see if a given book
  is kept by that library and if it is available.  There is also the "Interlibrary Loan" or ILL
  where you can request your Library to obtain a copy of that book from another Library
  at NO cost to you and they pay the shipping costs.  Not all books are available via ILL
  in a given area so ask and see if it is possible and when it could be in your hands!  The
  Use Book Store is also an option for you which may be lower cost and faster delivery
  than going online to order the book.