Updated 04/20/2017

The CT Groups offers free support to job seekers.  We
receive no funds or donations from any source yet have multiple groups in the Memphis, TN area with over 60 volunteers supporting over 2,400 current members. 
Private networks allow members to share jobs, make announcements, seek help, get
information and conduct other informational exchanges needed during their job search.
TheCTGroups.org is for the benefit of our membership.

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    With the heated discussions we suggest you follow this for several months.
    Allow the political professionals battle it out ... you don't have bail money.


Learn to work smart and effectively towards your dreams.

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             Group Roster  . . . . . . . .  Roster of all groups meetings organized by day
                                                             and time with hyperlinks into TheCTGroups.org
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             YOUR EMOTIONS  . . . . .  There are four very normal emotional phases people
                                                             experience a job loss.  Review this linked page
                                                             to help you and your loved ones understand what
                                                   is expected, that it is normal and that it does get
                                                   better after the first few weeks.

Would your ORGANIZATION like to post our Roster for your members or provide job opportunities for distribution into our network without cost to your organization?
It is as easy as sending an e-mail request to Questions@TheCTGroups.org.

Would your COMPANY like to post jobs through our network for free?  Contact us how established companies can post their position at no cost to your company through
The CT Groups.  e-mail us at 

Contact us: Questions@TheCTGroups.org


Our Rosters and other documents are here.  Just one click to view or download.


Provides a graphic schedule.
Directory for a tabular format and Schedule Changes for any exceptions.


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Articles, Assistance, Mike's LinkedIn, Pick Up Lines, Professional Groups, Pushing Through ..., Volunteers and others available.
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e-Mail contact information to the leadership within The CT Groups.  A great deal of information is available at each group's website which can be found under Directory.