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Updated 08/05/2017

  Home should be your FIRST STOP in exploring our web
  site as information that you need to make decisions, get
  help and understand who we are will be important to you.

  Our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) should provide a
  clear answer for the majority of your general questions.
  Information below will help you understand what is within
  the major sections shown under 'Home" to help you select
  the areas of greatest importance to you at this time.

  If you were not "born" a Computer Geek ... no problem, the person who build this was
  not one at birth either. But we know you can't damage it. We know you can't make any
  changes to it. We know you can't do something others will see unless you do it in an
  e-mail. What you can do to your computer is another thing ... be kind to the computer!

  •  A Site Introduction
     This web site is operated by The CT Groups. If you want, will or must enter the  workforce we should be part of your search process. This web site exists to aid
     those in a search but NOT to replace our Group meetings were important and  timely information can be shared and explained plus you expand your network  with others in a job search. More later on why this is actually a S.M.A.R.T. thing to  do.

  •  Asking for Help
     We all need a little help at points in our life and Career Transition is one of those.
     Every Volunteer has been through a job loss, helped people professionally who
     lost a job in the private or government sectors, or has provided support to those
     who have lost a job for other needs.               

  •  Be Alert
     When we are aware of a reason for concern to our members, we want to share it.
     Under this tab we have combined the following sections to help you with this:

    • BBB Scam Reporting
      The Better Business Bureau has provided an anonymous means to report scams you encounter with the advantage being you can see what scams are working anywhere using a ZIP Code and the information shared by individuals on their experience. This tool can help make you aware of patterns in your or adjoining ZIP Codes to be alert. And that could save you lots of money!

    • Job Opportunities
      IRS and Alarm Systems are not the only scams repeated! Bogus Job Opportunities are abundant whether it is by phone, e-mail or web sites. Learn
      how to detect these incredible opportunities that build you up only to find there is nothing for you except sorrow.

    • Others
      Online scams (as well as scams by telephone, e-mail and web sites) come in many forms with many enticements to lure you into their trap. Read this section periodically to refresh your "defense" systems.

      While "The Bad Guys" are always working on something new to impact you in a negative manner, there are some "fingerprints" or RED FLAGS you can be on the watch for to help protect yourself.

    • SCAMS
      This provides you with more insight into some of the "traditional" and "seasonal" scams plus tools you can use to help stop "The Bad Guys".

    • Security Update (regarding Yahoo!)
      A few years back Yahoo! became the "Poster Child" of what NOT TO DO if you are hacked and have customer information exposed to "The Bad Guys". The rest is documented history that can and should speak for itself whether you are a computer user or a Chief Executive Officer.  Having a strong password
      with periodic changes to your password are essential in this world of "The Bad Guys". We do offer information no passwords within TheCTGroups.org along with the math and selection decisions behind what makes a password strong versus weak and a list of Passwords that are the most frequently broken.

    • Unknown PC Message
      Let us hope that you never see a message suddenly pop-up on your display and you have no idea what this is about, what product it is in reference to or what manufacturer or vendor. All you know is something what you do click on "OK" to get something started. This is what many call an "uninformed and often highly regrettable major mistake."  Don't be a victim ... it is not fun!

  •  Become a Member
     This section provides step-by-step guidance on a very simple process to become
     a member at any one of our groups. We do encourage people to join multiple
     groups to obtain more information sooner, meet more people, exchange insights
     with others and learn from others in their career transition. We do have rules in
     the organization designed to provide a supporting environment for all members
     and focus on one thing: finding our next job. Attire is Business Casual to help
     keep minds in a "business focus" and not fall into a trip of "taking a vacation"
     in lieu of finding gainful employment. By policy we do not change for support or
     attendance at our meetings. We receive no funds from any source and provide
     this through the many volunteers and support of local churches, government and
     businesses from the meeting space they provide. We do
    expect members to arrive
     on time
    to maintain the mental discipline of meeting schedules as if employed.

  •  Calendar
     Our calendar is a one week view of the meetings normally scheduled for the
     current week. It automatically changes at the end of Saturday but may be viewed
     using the control in the upper left of the calendar to move forward or backward.
     Sometimes meetings may need to be cancelled and it is not possible to update the
     Calendar. Should you have concerns about your safe travel to or from a meeting
     you are encouraged to use your good judgement in determine any travel.

  •  Directory
     This is simple table of our groups which can help you in ...
       a)  See what
    Day and Time a Group meets
       b)  See the Frequency this group meets (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
       c)  What city they are in
       d)  The name of the Group and a link to their webpage in TheCTGroups.org
      This table is organized by Day of the Week then Time of Day.

  •  Documents
      When something is big and unfamiliar to me, I go lookin' for some Documents.
      The good news is all our documents are under one place ... Documents.

      The most frequently obtained Document is our CURRENT SCHEDULE of The CT
    .  This PDF document lists all Groups by Date and Time of their meeting
      and provides insight plus links into TheCTGroups.org to help you get started
      and learn about The CT Groups. Links will only work while you are on the
      Internet and they are designed to quickly provide information you need.

      Look at the second to last entry and click the Download link to obtain your copy.

  •  FAQs
      Few come to us without having questions and possibly more would come of they
      understood our free offering.  These
    Frequently Asked Questions should offer
      more "comfort" to those in a situation they are unfamiliar with, going to a place
      they nave never been at before, doing things they hoped they would never need
      to do again.
     So we work to resolve the fears, clear the emotions so they can
      focus on their new job of finding their next job.

  •  Government Jobs
     Information to apply for position with the City of Memphis and Shelby County.

  •  Group Information
     You will find a tab for each Group we operate. Each tab offers information on:
        -  a "common name" of the Group
        -  a photograph of the facility to help as a visual landmark
        -  Dates and Times when this Group regularly meets
        -  a "map" link to Google Maps to show the location of the Group meeting
        -  a physical address where the Group meets
        -  parking instructions for free parking
        -  Room Information to help you reach the meeting room
         -  a picture of any relevant marker or sign to look for (if available)
         -  the name of the Group Moderator and their contact information
         -  a Group Overview about the group
         -  a reminder on Membership objligations
         -  our FAQ items
         -  other links relevant to this Group or the hosting organization

  •  Our Good Friends
      To provide free services, we depend heavily on our experienced volunteers to
      help those in need. Sometimes these good people leave the organization or area,
      sometimes they pass away. This section is to recognize those who gave of their
      time and sometimes personal funds to help others in their time of need. While a
      small gesture it recognizes their contributions willingly given to others. And that
      is worth being remembered as an example to all.  Without them ... 

  •  Resources
     Those costs of being unemployed can be life threatening and employers do not
     always offer sufficient or any benefits to people being separated from the
     company. For some this is financial ruin or family members not receiving the care
     the need and State Aid is not available for families with incomes TOO LOW.  In this
     section we provide information to help reduce some of this impact mostly using
     resources for prescriptions for those meeting eligibility requirements which can be
     deeply discounted for a fee or provided at no cost.
    We know of programs that can
     actually obtain prescription medications at a lower cost than some full medical
     coverage programs provide. As also list reading materials to help those in their
     transition, some humor, quotes from famous people to inspire those in transition,
     training that may be available at no cost using Internet instructional material, and
     other areas we can offer ideas to help minimize costs and additional family impact.

  • Schedule Changes
    Periodically one or multiple groups will decide or recognize the need NOT to meet.
    A common example is a Group has a late month meeting which falls on December 25 or January 1
    and that many will not attend thus the merits in cancelling the meeting. There be other reasons but we need to alert people to Schedule Changes. This is a single place that all Group members can see any planned closures.

  •  Tech Tips
      Technology is all around us and becoming more dominate and technical every
      month. We offer ideas to help people where we see a potential problem and
      seek to do so in a minimal to zero cost manner.
     Sometimes it is just a way to do
      something better, faster and less expensive or a way to get a near equivalent of
      an expensive software product through legal channels for zero dollars. Use of
      the Internet is dominate today thus members need to find a means to have 
      e-mail and Internet access even if it is borrowing access or using the Public

  •  Tennessee Career Center Calendar
     The calendar of activities and events sponsored by the organization.
     A new calendar is published monthly.

  •  The Legal Stuff
     Some of our members are lawyers in different specialties who helped us with the
     complex language of Law should someone believe we actually receive funding
     from private corporations, charities and the government.  Therefore this section.

      Listed are the Top 60 Memphis Workplaces including, where available, a link
      their website.

     Memphis is a community of high incomes and of little or no incomes. Yet we are
     a community with a heart, known for charitable contributions and helping others.
     We BELIEVE is recognition to the many who gave freely to hold meetings at their
     facilities to help others during their job loss, career transition or their first job.
     We as a community cannot begin to offset the family financial losses due to a job
     loss or other tragedies. We cannot remove the emotional pains or the fear of being
     able to provide the critical needs for their family in the future. We can help prepare
     the community to know what options are available to them and, once again, move  
    forward with their head held high knowing that they will gain have a job again can
     can provide 
    for their family, and again help make a difference in Memphis

     Here we recognize those who openly offered support to those who unemployed
     to help them learn then practice the process leading to their next job. Without
     these people sharing this vision of support, we would lose good talent which in
     time cause more hardship and fewer opportunities for all Memphians.  Memphis
     is a small town but it is big in heart, big in believing and bigger on helping out!
     In Memphis, 
    We BELIEVE.  

  •  Yahoo Help!
     This section is to provide guidance to our members in addressing some of the
     specifics of how Yahoo! requires us to work with them using Yahoo! Groups.
     This section may evolve as changes are made to Yahoo! Groups by Yahoo! or
     Verizon.  Topics of interest to members include:
        -  Optional e-Mail Management Settings
        -  Addressing Login Problems
        -  Resign from The CT Groups
        -  Unsubscribe from The CT Groups
        -  Yahoo! ID