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Updated 03/22/2017

  This section contains items of general interest to the
  community which includes the following major areas:

  A Site Introduction


  •   BBB Scam Reporting
  Have you just been scammed or did someone try to pull something on you?
  Here is information on how to report it to the Better Business Bureau using a
  national network.  Your personal information is not exposed but you can view
  the reported scams anywhere in the United States to see what's going around.
  A great free service from the Better Business Bureau.

  •   Personality

  •   SCAMS

  •   We Believe

      Memphis is a community of high incomes and of little or no incomes.  Yet we are
      a community with a heart, known for charitable contributions and helping others.
      We Believe is recognition to the many who gave freely to hold meetings at their
      facilities to help others during their job loss, career transition or their first job.

      We as a community cannot begin to offset the family financial losses due to a job
      loss.  We cannot remove the emotional pains or the fear of being able to provide
      for their family in the future.  We can help prepare the community to again move
      forward with their head held high knowing that they will gain have a job, again
      again will provide for their family, and again help make a difference in Memphis.

      Here we recognize those who openly offered support to those who unemployed
      to help them learn then practice the process leading to their next job.  Without
      these people sharing this vision of support, we would lose good talent which in
      time cause more hardship and fewer opportunities for all Memphians.