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Updated 04/02/2017

     Finding help in today's "anything you need just pay the
   cashier" mentality is difficult for those unemployed.

   Our resources are free to those who join and remain
   members. This opens doors that otherwise may be
   beyond reach for many and may be of greater value
   than some of the "billable services" others offer.

   When money is tight, finding the better, smarter, faster
   solution is important.  We believe we offer that. 

    Below is an overview of what the major subtabs are under this major section:
  Become a Member:

    Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct was created to provide further definition on what is expected from Members during Group Meetings or other events conducted by The CT Groups. At a high level, this is about being respectful of others and responsible for your actions, appropriate attire, and professional behavior.

The process we promote in find your next job is not advanced rocket science but a series of processes and steps to achieve your professional objective of finding your next job. It is not a quick but it is a time proven process. We also have expectations on the membership that are necessary to support the ability of The CT Groups to provide the intended services to other members.

Get The Max
While in a career transition, you are losing money every day so you want, you need to get the maximum benefit to get back to work sooner. We offer 7 areas you should think about to get the most benefit from The CT Groups. Career transition requires consider planning, preparation and committment to be successful always remembering you will land your next new job.

   Get Your Yahoo ID
This is a requirement from Yahoo! Groups, owned by Yahoo!, regarding your User ID and sign-on.
For now, there are no signs this is being enforced and people with email addresses can be used.

We do CAUTION people to select an e-mail address that meets the following objectives:
    1.  It is a professional e-mail that employers and others will NOT have reservations about.
         Example:  BigHotSassyMomma or IWouldRatherBeFlying do not fit the business culture.
                         Consider one what contains your full name, and if you need to add numbers
                         to make your name unique, do not use numbers that may be perceived as a
                         Date of Birth, High School or College Graduation, Wedding Anniversary, etc.
                         Age discrimination is illegal and it is rampant and starts at Age 40.

    2.  It should be an e-mail account with a company or organization that DOES NOT REQUIRE
         payments to their Alumni Association, Dues or Monthly Fees.  Should you encounter financial
         hardships during your transition you may be placed into tough choices and be forced to end
         your e-mail service to meet more pressing needs. Uas a free email service from a major
         provider to avoid this risk. This also gives you portability in not being dependant upon your
         provider should they terminate operations or be acquired and shut down ending your email
         address.  Examples of major providers are:  Microsoft's Outlook, Google's GMail and others.

    3.  Understand your professional email address should be one you keep and use FOR LIFE.  Having
         a known trusted e-mail address people can always reach you at is important as you never know
         when someone will have something of potential importance for you, like your DREAM JOB.  If
         you cannot be found, the opportunity potentially of your lifetime goes away.

You may be aware Verizon Communications has an accepted offer for Yahoo! to sell certain areas of
Yahoo! to Verizon. At this point details of what services and content will transfer to Verizon and what will remain with Yahoo! This is creating some uncertainity until we know the specifics and can make an assessment of the impact on The CT Groups. Until then, it is business as usual. This website is NOT based on Yahoo! or Yahoo! Groups and thus will not be impacted by the above transaction.

   Online Membership Requests
By intent, it is very easy to communicate with the members in a Group you join or all groups seeking
help on anything related to your career transition or needs during your career transition.  Those who are not a member are not eligible to use this service. 

For those considering joining by electronically submitting their membership request, DON'T.  We only accept members by presenting themselves physically at our meetings. A major portion of our value is in the meetings. If you are not interested in the meetings we may not be the solution for you.  We do have meetings in the early morning, mid-morning, early afternoon and evenings plus some on Saturdays and Sundays.  Please see Steps for Membership to join one or any of the Groups.

   Steps to Membership
Our process is, by intent, very simple and easy to follow to help you become active quickly and with minimal bureaucracy. We have all been in a job search before. You can become a member the day you
make your membership request.