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Code of Conduct

The CT Groups Code of Conduct

    1.    Dress and act in a professional manner, according to group rules or common sense.
          First impressions are important for networking.

    2.    Be punctual and plan to stay for the entire meeting.

    3.    Participate fully in the group exchange, and avoid engaging in sideline
          conversations, cross-talk, gossip or distracting behaviors.  Stay on task and not
          divert attention to 
other unrelated topics.  

    4.    Be courteous, listen attentively, and be respectful of other points of view.  
          Be flexible and open to change and new ideas.

    5.    Follow the respect modeled by the facilitators.  Assume positive intentions of
          others, giving them the benefit of doubt.  Discuss any issues or concerns with the
          facilitators offline.

Individuals who are unwilling or unable to follow the Code of Conduct may
be asked to leave a group or forfeit their membership in The CT Groups.