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Get The Max

Updated 10/01/2016

  This section is to help members understand how
  to get the maximum value out of The CT Groups.
  The approach is simple but, as indicated before,
  this is the toughest job you will ever have.  It will
  require focus, commitment, long hours, and
  tenacity to find a job in a challenging economy.

  •  Visit the Groups 
     Our Roster (available under Documents) provides information on the date, time,  and location for each of our participating group meetings.  Included is a brief  summary of what they offer.

     Visit each at least once to see if YOU find value at the group for YOUR needs.  If  you are uncertain about joining a group, do not join (a form or sheet is frequently  circulated for new members).  You can always change your decision later.   Where  you find value, consider joining then or later if you wish.

  •  Attend the Groups
     A large portion of the benefits you can receive are through the group meetings.  These include:
    • an environment where you safely can say what's on your mind and others understand
    • learning techniques and practices that can help you land a job faster and better

    • asking questions about your own experiences or need for information, guidance, etc.

    • listening to what others are reporting back from their job search

    • meeting others in your industry to compare notes, job sharing, brain storming, contacts, etc.

    • exchange of events and information helpful to your job search or general knowledge

    • an opportunity to network with others in transition and to gain access to the group's network

    • an opportunity to expand your network from the attending members and those they know

    • dress appropriately to meet a hiring manager for a first impression; you never know who will be there

  •  Follow the Suggestions
     Career Transition is not a simple process and being competitive in a challenging  market increases the need for you to be highly professional and present yourself  as an exceptional and well organized individual at all times.  The planning and  preparation we advocate will help you reach that goal.  This includes:

    •  doing the research on who you are and things that you want and need

    •  the identification of target companies that hire people with your skills and  experience

    •  options you may need to consider where your industry or skills are in decline

    •  creating your Business Plan to find work and present to those you network  with

    •  crafting a biography to help promote who and what you are including your  personal brand

    •  preparing a crisp targeted flawless resume to compel recruiters and hiring  managers to call you

    •  launch your LinkedIn Profile after considerable research and planning to gain  visibility and interest

  •  Leverage our Resources
     How many Quarterbacks take the field to win a game without the direct support of  their team?

     The search for your next career requires team support, leveraging experience from  others, meeting people, and using techniques and tools to gain recognition and  visibility to those who can help or hire you.  Our Help-CT allows you to e-mail the  entire membership to ask for information or other things you may need during  your career transition.  Allow at least 48 hours to start receiving responses.

     When asking for help always insure your communication:
      •  identifies who you are and what groups you attend

      •  Being able to tie a name and a face together improves your changes of  receiving assistance

      •  identifies what you are seeking in clear terms without being  overly concise.  You may need someone in Accounting at XYZ Company  and no one responds.  If you simply asked for contacts at XYZ Company  without reference to a City of Department you may receive contacts that  can help you reach the Accounting group.

      •  includes your "Elevator Speech".  This provides a qualification for you to  talk to their contact without risk of damaging the relationship.    Providing access to a valued contact without knowing someone is a high  risk.  Thus reinforcing the need to attend meetings, network, and  become known and trusted.

    •  Remain Organized, Calm, Collected, Positive and Tenacious
       Many become impatient that recruiters, hiring managers, and others do not  jump at the first opportunity to interview them or help them find  employment.  This is because your needs and your timeline are not important  to them.  As you attend the meetings you will understand why your search is  not about you, it is about them.  Remain professional, organized, cool, calm,  and collected but always stay hungry and tenacious to reach your objectives.  As you understand why it is about "them" and not "you", you will find your  opportunities improve.

       Also understand their challenges with an over supply of applicants, many of  which are unqualified or have "junk" resumes.  Managers trying to produce  the same level of work with fewer people and now taking on the added work  of recruiting a new hire.  Most people are worn out, tired and frustrated.  Your display of understanding and social graces will be received well versus  other tempting tactics to speed things up.

      •  If you are not organized it is more challenging to be successful and will  present an image that raises questions on your being a desired  candidate

      •  If you are not calm you run the risk of presenting an image of a panic  driven individual who has potentially fallen into desperation and thus a  less desirable candidate

      •  If you are not collected you run the risk of seeming disorganized and  unknowing of who you are and what you are seeking and thus a less  desirable candidate

      •  If you are not positive you can not present the wanted "winner" image  hiring managers frequently want.  Track the many things you are  thankful for in your life, your accomplishments, and the many things  you have experienced most people will not.  Review and add to this list
         to boost your attitude.

      •  If you are not tenacious others will demonstrate their drive and passion  to be offered the position.  People want people who drive for success  and overcome the many road blocks we all face in life.  

    •  Build Your Social Presence
       Whatever you think of Social Media, it is there, it is being used.  Why is this  important to you?  Easy...

      •  Not all jobs are posted on Jobs Boards  ... some are never advertised

      •  Recruiters are finding candidates and posting jobs in Social Media due  to cost and speed

      •  Social Media can help you land a job or prevent you from being hired

      •  A Social Media presence can be created at zero cost
Many people are worried or even afraid of technology.  Technology is an enabler. Do not let technology stop you from reaching your dreams.  We can help you with technology.

We have classes that can:
  •  help you understand Social Media in Career Transition

  •  help you develop, fix, and monitor your Social Media Presence without any  cost

  •  get you started with an online Profile using VERY basic computer skills and a  resume

  •  guide you in easily searching a free database with over 120 Million  professionals in it

  •  get you information about companies that the company may not even know  about

  •  get you information on who's joining this company, who's leaving, who's been  promoted

  •  find current or potential contacts who can help you in your career transition

  •  find information on people you may need to meet or know about in your  career transition

  •  and with access to the Internet and an available free account, you can do this  anywhere!

   These are some of the items that can help to "get the max" out of our programs.
   Each person will have different and potentially unique needs based on their prior
   work, performance, education, accomplishments, attitude, passions, and
   professionalism among other factors.  It is unlikely any one model will fit multiple
   people perfectly.  How you need to adapt the material from The CT Groups may
   require conversations with our Moderators and/or others.