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Online Membership Requests

A well executed career transition can significantly reduce the time, costs, and emotional cycles experienced.  The best way to reach this goal is by attending meetings on a regular basis.  As such, we do not accept online membership requests as this sets an expectation a career transition can be conducted in a setting and style that is not possible.  We want our members to be successful and offer a program that can help in their success.

Online Membership Requests will be declined and the requesting e-mail address will be provided a link to this section to explain the process.  A detailed discussion can be seen under "Become a Member".   The process can be very confusing, sometimes seemingly contradictory, and require thought, planning and a commitment to quality execution.   There are many job seekers and few openings at any given time.  To be considered for an interview you often must position yourself as being in the top 0.5% of candidates.
While scary, often over 90% of job applicants take themselves out of competition through a demonstrated lack of knowledge, planning, quality and knowing how to work the process for success.

Please review the following areas to get started as a member:
  1.  Read our "FAQs" (Frequently Asked Questions) to see if you want to be a member.
     Maybe we are not what you want or we are very much what you need.

  2.  Review the information under "Become a Member".

  3.  Go into "Documents" and click the Download link beside the second to last
     document which is our Roster of Groups organized by Day and Time of meetings.
     While on-line, click on the hyperlinks within the Roster to see additional  information that is contained within TheCTGroups.org web site.  This will help you  determine if a group appeals to you and all the information we believe is needed  to get to the meeting.

  4.  View our "Calendar" which displays groups meeting that week in a calendar layout  by day and time.  Click on any group of interest for more information or use the  Roster and hyperlinks for the information.
The big message is ... get engaged.  Opportunities are found for those working to find them.  Even during the Great Depression people were finding jobs because they took the initiative to find them despite the stories there were no jobs.  People who thought they may never work again have found employment.  What's your excuse for not joining?