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Steps to Membership

On May 20, 2013 a New Member process from Yahoo! was implemented.
Below are the 4 key steps in determining if you should join a group and how you then become a member.  A 5th Step, the acceptance of the Invitation for Membership and e-mails, is outlined on the listed sub-page.
      ·    Step 1: Attend a Meeting of Your Choice
While we encourage participation in multiple groups, pick one from our list at TheCTGroups.org and attend it.  We have information for each group on our web site (TheCTGroups.org/info/Groups) which includes meeting dates and times, address, contact information, map, and an overview of the group.  A Roster or Schedule of our
group meetings is the second to last document at
TheCTGroups.org/Documents  Use the "download" link to obtain your PDF copy of the document.
Your objective:  Attend at least one meeting, more if you can.  Listen to what is shared. 
                          Talk to the members and Moderator(s) before and after the meeting about
                          the value and benefits others have received.

                          Determine if you found value in each group visited to help you in your
                          career transition and even after you find your next job if you like.  If you did,
                          go to Step 2.  If not, we part friends and wish you well and encourage you
                          to visit other groups in the network.
      ·   Step 2: Request Membership while at the meeting
We are glad you found value in the group.
Your objective:  Request Membership from the Moderator while at the meeting.
sk the Moderator to sign-up for membership while you are at the meeting.
                          A sign-up sheet may have been  circulated for new members; we only ask
                          for your name, e-mail address, telephone number(s) and in a few words
                          about what area of work are you wanting.  Your information is sent to a
                          Network Administrator in The CT Groups who log your request and initiate
                          the sending of an e-mail from Yahoo! for each authorized group you may
                          join with your invitation.  The transfer of information and process may take
                          up to ten (10) calendar days; most are processed within two (2) calendar
                          days.  If you have not received a Yahoo! invitation contact the Group
      ·  Step 3: Accept or Ignore the Invitation(s)

         If you do not receive the invitation(s)
         please see the section below: CONTINGENCY PLAN

Your objective:   Open and accept the e-mail from Yahoo! Groups Invitation
The subject of the e-mail will contain the e-mail address of the invitation
                          sender along with 
the words "has invited you to join" followed by the group
                          name, such as Memphis-CT, 
Help-CT or others.
                          More detail is provided on the sub-link to this page, this page,
                          Sign-Up for e-mails.

For your aid:      Due to technical difficulties at Yahoo! the ability to automatically e-mail
                          you key documents as a new member are not functioning.  Please visit
                          The Repository at this web site for items you may view or download to help
                          you start faster.

                          Once the Yahoo! difficulties are resolved the following will apply:
                          New members will
receive an above number of e-mails, each designed
                       to provide you insight into Career Transition and The CT Groups. It
                       is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you create an e-Mail Folder marked
                       CT Groups and move these into that folder.

                       Begin reviewing this material as it can benefit you during your time
                       in transition and assist you after you land your next job.

At this point you have three options:
      OPTION 1:   Join the group within The CT Groups network, or
      OPTION 2:   Ignore the invitation and do not join

                  Understand that joining a mailing list means you may submit requests or
                  job postings.  It also means you will receive send e-mails from other
                  members addressed to the group membership.

You may unsubscribe yourself at any time and leave any or all of individual groups within The CT Groups you joined.  Those wanting to leave (or unsubscribe) must unsubscribe themselves -- this is part of your responsibility.  The Unsubscribe process is documented on this web site and at the bottom of each original e-mail from any group within The CT Groups.  Yahoo! is the creator, owner and responsible party for the operation of the Unsubscribe process.

         OPTION 1:  Join the group

It is the intent of The CT Groups to deemphasize the web pages on Yahoo! Groups and move selected content to our primary web site at TheCTGroups.org which does not require any registered identification or passwords for access.  Joining a mailing list means you may submit requests or job postings.  It also means you receive e-mails from other members addressed to the group as a whole or individually to yourself.  The CT Groups has set the options for Yahoo!'s system  not release or provide e-mail addresses.

         OPTION 2:  Ignore the invitation

The Invitation e-mailed to you is valid for 30 calendar days only.  If you do not respond within that time period the invitation is automatically invalidated by Yahoo!.  This terminates your request to join.  You may change your mind at any time but you will need to request membership again.  You will not receive any communications from the group you requested membership in until you accept the invitation to become a member.

For those Joining and Accepting the Invitation(s)
New Members to The CT Groups network will automatically receive invitations to join the following three "all members" groups, plus the group they joined, and they should accept these invitations.  Your membership in any group continues until The CT Groups cease to exist, you Unsubscribe from one or all groups, or due to action of the Moderator for actions inconsistent with the Acceptable Use & Membership Agreement Policy.  These groups are available to all members in good standing.  NOTE:  a "virtual group" is a group that exists
only on-line and there are no meetings or meeting places.

The three groups are:
Memphis-CT               -  a virtual group for job sharing using e-mail including jobs
                                        offered by 
recruiters and employers participating in The
                                        CT G
roups network.  Members may post (e-mail)
                                        opportunities to share them with others in 
The CT Groups.

Help-CT                       -  a virtual group to ask for Job Search related items such as
                                        information, contacts, "do you know this person", "what do
                                        you know about ...", etc.  Questions are submitted by sending
                                        them via e-mail.

TheCTGroups-MEM   -  a virtual public access group for distributing new Rosters or
                                        other items of 
interest to a broad group via e-mail.  This is for
                                        the Memphis, TN area.
 The public is welcomed to join
                                        this group without holding membership in The CT
 This allows interested parties to be aware of what
                                        our announcements and schedule changes are for their
                                        personal or for the benefit of their membership.

Those electing to not participate in Help-CT are subject to removal.  We are a mutual aid organization.

The Memphis-CT and Help-CT groups are only available to members of The CT Groups and membership is automatic upon joining on of the non-virtual groups (those which hold meetings).

New members can obtain our Membership Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy in The Repository.  This document was created to maintain a
focus on getting people back to work and avoiding distractions such as inappropriate or unprofessional language or conduct, "bashing" companies, managers, politicians, or other conduct deemed by the Moderator to be inappropriate or disruptive to the purpose The CT Groups.  Members are expected to follow this document and the Code of Conduct.

TheCTGroups-MEM is an "open membership" group where anyone may join. Private, public and government group are welcomed to join this group which provides updates to our meeting Roster. This roster may be distributed on paper, via e-mail or via a web page provided that (a) the document remains unchanged, that any updates are made available within 2 working days of the distributed change and that no ownership be claimed or suggested by the distributing group of The CT Groups. All items are copyrighted by The CT Groups.  The URL:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheCTGroups-MEM

We strongly encourage people to join multiple groups to expand their network and to hear similar information from various voices to obtain a better and fuller understanding of the message.  We also strongly recommend attending meetings on a regular basis.  Most of the value of The CT message.  We also strongly recommend attending meetings on a regular basis. Most of the value of The CT Groups comes from attending the meetings through Moderator provided information plus exchange of ideas and questions raised by attending group members.

Step 4: Attend Orientation
Orientation is free and is scheduled once each month for one hour.  Here, one of our Volunteers will walk you through information on The CT Groups, what you will experience during a career transition and resources that are available to you from The CT Groups.  Whenever you become a member, attending the next Orientation will help you start faster and better in your search. Orientation is NOT mandatory but is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Here are some of the possibilities that could inhibit your receiving the invitation(s):
An incorrect e-mail address
This is the most common cause for invitations no received.

Sometimes people forget they changed their e-mail address or did not
remember the new e-mail address, or do not print clearly for others.
If we have an incorrect e-mail address nothing can be delivered to you and we will NOT receive any notification of the problem as the sender is actually Yahoo! and they are not able to forward that information to us for potential action.  It is also possible we transcribed or mistyped your e-mail address.  Some are detected and corrected without your knowledge when viewed by someone who knows e-mail systems and Internet Services Providers well.  Others could only be detected by the new member due to special codes are abbreviations they may include in their e-mail address.  Such items are discouraged as it is difficult for those you want to contact you and it can increase the potential for non-delivery.
SOLUTION:  Provide the Group Moderator with your e-mail address on a
                   clearly printed piece of apper with your name clearly
                   printed.  You may use 
all capital letters if your handwriting is
                   challenging for others to read 
or request the Moderator write
                   down your information themselves then 
confirm what they
                   wrote is what you told them to avoid errors.

Authorized Sender List
Not very common but potentially a serious self-imposed risk

Some of you may have taken advantage filtering services provided by your Internet Service Provider to automatically block ALL e-mail that was not sent by a pre-authorized list of e-mail addresses provided to you.  This is wonderful protection right up to the point someone new needs to reach you and you did not update your list or anticipate including them.  Worse, you are blocking any e-mails from Recruiters or Employers trying to reach you.

It is strongly suggested this type of unwanted e-mail protection scheme not be used especially when in career transition as you cannot anticipate what e-mail address a recruiter will use or what company they are with trying to reach you.

If you are using this type of protection your e-mails most likely are gone.

        SOLUTION:  Contact your internet service provider to see if this service is
                           in place and what can be done to terminate it.  Use your
                           anti-virus or firewall or e-mail tools to provide the same
                           service but leaving you in total control of the process at all
Office or e-mail software Settings
Someone with access to your PC or device normally would have to set these up for you

Some tools, often provided the product you received or purchased with your PC or mobile device, include tools to help manage e-mails.  The challenge is not all tools are created equally, not all tools on different devices work the same, and not all tool settings produce the outcomes people actually hoped for.

Incorrect settings can target all e-mails for instant vaporization: you never see any evidence they arrived and are not provided any notification of vaporization.

Incorrect settings can be routing important e-mail into a folder you pay no attention to which
can be the cause of great problems later on both for you job search and payment of bills.
SOLUTION:  Never set any document for automatic deletion especially if
                   you are inexperienced with this tool.  Remain the "Person In
                   Charge" and delete unwanted e-mail one-by-one to insure
                   nothing is lost due to unintended consequences of being a

                   Setting rules to place certain types of e-mails into folder you
                   create is fairly save provided you do NOT sent any rule for
                   deletion.  This can help reduce your time dealing with e-
                   mails by consolidating them by company, type of company
                   or other grouping as you wish.

Firewalls / Anti-virus Rules
Defaults when installed are normally good but strange things can happen

There are often the most automated and most basic of rules to protect the majority of customers the majority of the time.  As such many can use the rules and policies using the default setup without any additional work or thought.  Because there are multiple vendors of these products it is not possible to provide details here; see your documentation for the product you own and you SHOULD have a firewall and anti-virus package that is up-to-date at all times protecting your computers.

Some software once detected if an e-mail was part of a mass mailing and thus declared it be SPAM.  Nice thought but a bad rule as this is not always the case.  Fortunately you have the ability to mark items to be regarded or NOT regarded as SPAM over time often using a simple point and click technique. 
SOLUTION:  There is the possibility your software may have treated the
                   e-mail from Yahoo! as SPAM and placed it into a special e-
                   mail folder for such messages.  Locate the folder and review
                   the items shown.  If the e-mail is in the folder we
                   recommend first right clicking on the e-mail for a possible
                   option to view this e-mail as non-SPAM.  This should allow
                   future e-mails from this sender to land directly in your in-
                   mail basket.

    If you still can't find the e-mail Invitation(s) let your group Moderator know of the problem and your problem can be escalated.  The longer you delay the more complex the problem can become and the more information you may need goes unseen by you. 

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