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Sign-Up for emails

Once you attend a meeting of The CT Groups and request membership (by providing your name, e-mail address, telephone number and the type of work you are seeking), you will receive an invitation to join The CT Groups free private network.  There are multiple networks, all based on Yahoo! Groups with one for each group, that distributes the e-mails to those members who accept the invitation e-mailed to them.  Any member in good standing may submit items, questions or requests to the entire membership.

  1. Members are currently using a variety of e-mail addresses to join with however Yahoo! does encourage/recommend using their free Yahoo e-mail accounts (Yahoo, Rocketmail or YMail).   The importance of this step is outlined at TheCTGroups.org

  2. Normally member requests are processed within two (2) weeks.

    • All invitations are delivered using the name "Yahoo! Groups Invitation".  Some SPAM Filters may perceive these as SPAM.  Please check your SPAM Filter if they do not arrive within 7 to 10 days after joining a group.  As indicated in our FAQ's, there is no charge for membership in any of our groups.

      If this is the first group you are joining in The CT Groups network, you will receive FOUR e-mailed invitations from Yahoo! Groups Invitation that will reference the name of the group the invitation is for.  The four groups you have received invitations to are:

      TheCTGroups-MEM  which are general messages to distribute our Group Roster
          This group, which is a web site only, may be joined by any one by going to the web site.

      Memphis-CT is our e-mail based job sharing resource that any member or employer in
          good standing may use to share opportunities within the membership at no cost.

      Help-CT which allows members in good standing to ask questions or information for
          assistance to the entire membership that is directly related to their needs while in career
          transition.  Such members may e-mail their requests at no cost.

      The group you joined.  These groups e-mail special notices and reminders to their
          membership along with other items of interest to those in career transition or wanting
          to leverage opportunities for self improvement.  This also is available to members in
          good standing at no cost.

    • If this is NOT the first group you joined, there will be ONE invitation from the group you joined.

  3. You need to act on your personal invitation to join the listed group.  Invitations are valid only for 30 days from date of issue.  Follow the directions within the invitation to become a member.

  4. You ALWAYS have the option NOT to accept an invitation or to leave any or all groups at any time by using the Unsubscribe process provided by Yahoo!   As a member, should you elect to leave at any time, unsubscribing is your responsibility and the process with options being defined and maintained by Yahoo! Groups.  You may continue to attend meetings without joining the online resource(s) but you will not receive the benefits of those resources if you do no join.

  5. Please take time to visit the rest of this web site, which is our "front door" to the public and our membership.

  6. We have collected information from various resources since 1988 when the first two groups began.  This information can be found at TheCTGroups.org and at the web sites for the various member groups that you join and receive an invitation for.

    It is rather simple.  The next one blocked may be from a recruiter who only has your e-mail address and is trying to reach you or the secretary of a hiring manager wanting to schedule an interview but only has your e-mail address.  YOU CANNOT ASSUME A SPAM FILTER WILL ONLY CAPTURE SPAM FROM YOUR DEFINITION OF SPAM.  SPAM filters operate on rules provided to them by the software manufacturer and sometimes allow customization to collect other items for the SPAM Filter.  You may be 90% in agreement with the provided rules but the other 10% could derail an opportunity for you.  Check your SPAM Filter at least on a daily basis so that you can respond in a timely manner SHOULD it be a legitimate e-mail.

    See the tab Bad Guys to help identify malicious or questionable e-mails you may receive wither it is caught by your SPAM Filter or not.

The words "no cost" indicate there is not a charge to the member or business from The CT Groups.  Costs for the equipment, Internet Service provider access, electricity, etc. are normal costs and are not billed by or paid by The CT Groups.