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Get Your Yahoo ID

Revised 05/01/2016

Since 2002 and the launch of The CT Groups, Yahoo! required a Yahoo! ID for their systems BUT did not enforce that requirement and made it easy NOT to follow it.  Then a change occurred.

Potentially going back into 2015, new members were unable to create a Yahoo! ID using the e-mail address they provided to The CT Groups.  This, under the new rules, prohibited their ability to join the group(s) or to receive e-mails from those groups.
It appears Yahoo! did not widely announce the enforcement of this critical item.

There is a solution utilizing a process Yahoo! implemented many years ago that associates your preferred e-mail address to a Yahoo! ID creating the desired outcome but with a little more effort than before.  The file below, "
CREATING A YAHOO! ID AND ASSOCIATING AN..." is the file you want to download and follow.

This can help those who joined after the rules change and could not access.  FOR MEMBERS BEFORE THE CHANGE, THIS HAS NO IMPACT ON YOU AND YOU CONTINUE AS YOU HAVE BEFORE.  Think of as being "grandfathered" at least for now.

  1.  Attached near the bottom of this web page is a PDF Document that will walk you  through this process which will:
     a)  Help you to create your Yahoo! ID to become part of the Yahoo! network.
          This is something you want to do.

          NOTE:  At present you will ONLY need to use this to accept membership and
                     make changes to your membership as outlined in the document below.

     b)  Help you use a management tool to "associate" or "tie" your Yahoo! ID to the
          e-mail address you want to be known by which would include the ability to 
          e-mail into the groups you joined and receive e-mail from those groups.
          This is something you want to do.

  2.  To help you through this process I have posted a document near the bottom of
     this web page, in PDF format, that provides a step-by-step guide including
     screen images for both creating the Yahoo! ID and performing the association
     or "tie" between the required Yahoo! ID and your preferred e-mail address.
     This process only requires a few minutes of your time.

     IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A YAHOO! ID but are not receiving e-mails from The CT
     you may skip that part but you will need to associate the non-Yahoo!
     e-mail address you WANT to be using to your Yahoo! ID.  Since you may have
     multiple e-mail addresses associated to a Yahoo! ID, this should not create any
     new problem for you.

  3.  To obtain your copy of the above document, simply double click on the file named:
     CREATING A YAHOO ID & ASSOCIATING AN...The CT Groups or click on the arrow
     pointing downward for a Download of the document.

     DOCUMENTS from 2011 may require revision due to the changes at Yahoo!.

See the attached document below for a Step-by-Step Guide to:
-  Create a Yahoo! ID and Password
-  Opt Out of Marketing programs and tracking
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