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Group Information

Click on View All for a tabular display of the participating groups of The CT Groups.  Each link provides information for the group selected.

The CT Groups consist of two types of groups:
  • Virtual Groups
    Support the distribution of information to members which includes:
    1. TheCTGroups-MEM which distributes Roster updates and other material as merits warrant

    2. Memphis-CT which members may share job postings from "off the beaten path" to help others

    3. Help-CT where members may submit request for information or other requests for their search.

    4. CT-SupportGroups where US based groups outside of Memphis are identified using various sources.
      Understand that other groups may impose financial, time, and participating requirements upon you.
  • Participating Groups
    Non-virtual groups; Groups where people attend meetings to learn, exchange information or ideas, network, create job search strategies and tactics, etc.

    These are the majority of the groups and this is where significant benefit can be received by members.

This section provides information on the participating groups within The CT Groups network.  Some of this information is available within the Calendar on this web site.  The information can be displayed by clicking on the meeting within the Calendar.

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