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Updated 03/22/2017

   Group Information

    This tab lists the participating Groups within the
    organization called The CT Groups.

    Each group has at least one Moderator (or leader) who
    is responsible for the operation of their Group.  The
    idea is to allow each to present material they feel is in
    the best interest of their membership in a manner they
    feel best.

    We work to make this as easy as possible to you to reach.  As tab includes:
      -  a picture of the facility you are going to
      -  a full address of the facility you are going to
a link to Google Maps pinpointing the location; you may adjust the size and
          move this map around to locate your starting point
where you can park your car for free
      -  how to enter the facility and turn-by-turn directions to the room
      -  the room number you are going to
      -  the name of the moderator and an e-mail address or telephone if needed

    Just bring items to take notes and be ready to potentially learn something new and
    meet people who are also in a career transition.  

      Information on what to expect and joining any of the Groups is provided at:
    Become a Member  We recommend reviewing this PRIOR to coming to your first
    meeting to minimize any surprises for you.  Review each of the provided tabs.

    And best of all ... it is all free for those in a career transition.