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Second Saturday

Updated 04/20/2016
Second Saturday
A Special Focus Career Transition Group

Church Sponsor: Reverend Pat Kendall


Sessions to explain topics not covered in the other meetings or merits additional  discussion for a better understanding.  We are driven by membership needs to help them land their new dream career.

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Knowledge is power ...
come pick some up for free!

What is planned for the next meeting?
Check link listed at the end of this web page that contains a date in a YEAR-MONTH-DAY format which is the date of our next meeting with all the details.  It's that simple.  The link Prior Events will let you see what we have done in the past and may do again!

Sessions are normally from 9 AM to Noon and are open to members of The CT Groups without charge; some sessions may run longer due to attendee questions and topics.  While we are capacity limited we have never had to deny anyone seating but arriving 5
to 10 minutes early is recommended.
The topics being covered are listed in the dated link at the bottom of this web page.  
If a dated link is now shown the topic has not been announced yet.
Dates & Times:
     9:00 AM to Noon on the 2nd Saturday or each month as scheduled.   Prior to
     traveling, check for any 
schedule changes.  Meetings will be announced within 
     The CT Groups; there is no guarantee any given month will have a meeting.

     Kevin Simonton   - KSimont@bellsouth.net
     Mike Zurkammer - Zurkammer@TheCTGroups.org
      Susan Boynton
      Terry Clevenger
Group Overview:
     We bring in professionals and those with special skills within The CT Groups to
     explain topics that may not be covered in the other meetings or merit an
     extended discussion to provide a better understanding or conduct exercises in the
     topic area.  We are driven by the needs we see and hear from our membership to
     help them land their new dream career.
     There is no special membership for this group; it is open to all members of
     The CT Groups network.

Hope Church
     We are fortunate and thank Hope Church for their continued support and facilities
     for this program.

       Hope Church                            Map to Hope Church                          
       8500 Walnut Grove                   Map of Hope Church          
       Cordova, TN  38018-7392        Map for Hope Church    

Parking Information:
       Use the lot in the southwest area of the
       Church facing Walnut Grove in th
e area
       of Entrance 1 (reference photograph).

Room Directions:
      Photo: East side of Entrance 1
      · Enter the Church using doors on RIGHT
  side of Entrance 1 seen to immediate right
  of the iron fence and above plants.
  (click to enlarge photo or drawing).

· Upon entry make two quick RIGHT turns
   where you will see stairs to the second
   floor as shown in drawing of Second Floor.

· At the top of the stairs, turn RIGHT and go
   through the double doors.  Enter the first
   door on your RIGHT.  Walk down the
   hallway.  Room 224 is the second door on
   your LEFT.

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Photo Credit: Mike Zurkammer
Map Image Credit:  Hope Church, Mike Zurkammer