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Pre-Employment Testing

56% of employers now conduct pre-employment testing, up over 40% from 2009.

You have heard about them.  You are asked those “Tell me about a time when …” questions.

Perhaps you may hear about a test you will be taking and it’s not just the “drug test” anymore.

Do you know what to do?  What will it be like?  How can you prepare?  How will I know the correct answers?  What are they trying to learn?  Can I “game” these tests?

Would you like some expert insight?  We have some for you.

We are delighted to present Dr. Lou Gamble at our November meeting.  "Dr. Lou", a recognized expert in this area, will discuss Behavioral Interviewing and Psych Testing. 

Dr. Lou Gamble

Dr. Gamble is a subject matter expert in personal branding, using social media, psychological testing, hiring, job performance competencies, behavioral interviewing, and other related areas.  He has also taught college courses in management, organizational behavior, marketing, statistics & research, psychology and information technology.  He has consulted with four US Agencies (Department of State, Department of Justice, Department of Labor, and the United States Postal Service, four states (AL, AR, GA, TN), and more than 20 different billion dollar corporations plus the Tennessee  House and Sensate in the areas of his expertise.  "Dr. Lou" is the "Answer Man" for those with questions and concerns regarding these content areas.  He has one book published by Wiley (the world's largest scientific publisher) and has three more at the editor desks - and three more in the works.



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  1. Park near Entrance 1 at Hope Church.
    Entrance 1 is located in the Southwest area of Hope facing Walnut Grove.
  2. There are two sets of doors for Entrance 1.
    Use the RIGHT most doors to enter the Church.
  3. Upon entry, make a quick RIGHT turn followed by a second RIGHT turn.
    You should now be standing before a stairway to the Second Floor.
  4. Walk up the stairs.
  5. At the top of the stairs you will see Room 230 directly across the hall.