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Q&A with Recruiters

When an economy is in transition companies use contractors to meet urgent needs when hiring is not possible or staffing reductions created a greater impact than projected.  This is just one of the many areas a professional Recruiter can bring value to your job search.

For April we will present a panel of professional Recruiters, drawn from three different areas of the employment market with each handling various positions, to share their perspectives about:
  1. the Recruiter's "Secret Jobs List" and how they get it
  2. what a Recruiter actually does besides not return every e-mail and phone call (and why that is not possible)
  3. what is the best way to work with a Recruiter
  4. what expectations Recruiters have from you and you should have from Recruiters
  5. the infamous "Stupid Applicant Stunts" from frequent and very preventable mistakes we make
  6. the special things an applicant does that catches their attention.
  7. their personal perspective on where employment is now and where it may be during the next 4 - 6 months
As always attendees are expected through their individual and collective conduct, in all forms and at all times, to remain professional.

Ground Rules
We want to allow attendees the opportunity to raise their own questions.  To support a productive session we
have additional ground rules for this event:
  1. there will NOT be any recruiting conducted or resumes exchanged at this event;
    this is NOT a Job Fair.
  2. questions on handling age, health, disability or length of unemployment issues/concerns are legitimate.
    Any comment, question or suggestion Recruiters discriminate are way out of bounds.
  3. We are hear to learn from the panel's experience, insight, and advise.
    We are not here to accuse, attack, defame, insult, humiliate, embarrass, or lodge grievances against anyone.
  4. anyone who becomes a disruptive factor to the event as determined by the Moderator or who can not or will not abide by these ground rules will be asked to leave by the Moderator.

LinkedIn Event Link:
Remember marking you plan to attend provides benefit to you as documenting you are working to improve yourself by attending training event like those offered by The CT Groups.

  1. Submit your request via e-mail to TheCTGroups@att.net with the Subject "Recruiters" and your name listed within the body of the e-mail.
  2. Requests must be received 24 hours before the event start date and time to facilitate processing.
    Cancellations should be e-mailed and received 24 hours before the event start date and time.
  3. Requests are limited to one per person and you must be a member of The CT Groups

Event Date / Time / Place
Date:    April 14, 2012
Time:    9:00 AM to Noon
Place:    Hope Church                  Map to Hope Church    Map of Hope Church                    
             8500 Walnut Grove                Link for Hope Church                    
             Cordova, TN  38018-7392
             Park in the southwest area of the Church facing Walnut Grove near Entrance 1.
             Enter the Building through the RIGHT most doors of Entrance 1 (there are doors to the far LEFT).
             Upon entry, make two quick RIGHT turns.  You are now standing before a staircase.
             Climb the stairs to the second floor.  At the top of the stairs Room 230 is across the hallway from

Some background about Recruiters:
Recruiters can work in one or more of the following key roles:
  1. Retained Recruiter
    A company commits to pay a Recruiter for their professional services to find potential candidates for the company.  If one of the potential candidates are hired by the company the Recruiter will receive additional compensation.  Frequently the company engages only one Recruiter for a given position which are generally higher level and executive positions.  Retained Recruiters may use any number of resources to approach a potential candidate including known corporate officers, LinkedIn, professional association speakers, high profile people within an industry or segment, etc.  This type of search is normally very low profile.

  2. Contingency Recruiter
    A company offers one or more Recruiters to locate potential candidates without any compensation or obligation pertaining to the individuals submitted.  If the company selects one or more of the submitted individuals to be hired, the company will compensate that Recruiter based on a negotiated fee.  The  positions are generally professional across a wide range of levels from entry to experienced individuals including into the upper non-executive levels.  Contingency Recruiters may use any number of resources to approach a potential candidate including those used by Retained Recruiters plus public listings via job boards, their own web site, advertisements, etc.  This type of search is normally a higher profile search but in current economic conditions may be a low profile search at first avoiding public job postings.

  3. Corporate Recruiter
    A company uses an internal team of Recruiters to find potential candidates for positions within the company.  These positions generally run the spectrum of openings with the potential exclusion of executive positions.  Corporate Recruiters may use any number of resources along the same lines of a Contingency Recruiter.  The approach of the company will vary greatly depending on the company image, the type of position involved, and business needs and may range from traditional methods to Social Media using LinkedIn, Twitter, Corporate Blogs, etc.  A corporation may use Retained or Contingency Recruiters despite having an "in house" team for senior and executive positions or as part of a staff augmentation effort.

The CT Groups extends their continued thanks and appreciation to Hope Church
for their continued support of these free events for those in career transition and
to the recruiters who volunteered their Saturday morning to support this program.