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Resume Help!
Last month we listened as recruiters indicated their business was growing since October yet so many applicants are using resumes that represent 95% to 99% of all resumes they see ... they are junk or unqualified for the job. 
If you have not had a screening interview in over 3 months your resume may be hurting you.  This is the month you need to correct this before the Summer hiring cycle begins.  10,000 people retire every day creating opportunity for employment.

Do not allow your resume to defeat you from finding your next job.
Part 1 is understanding:
  • the resume mechanics (yes, there is a structure, a flow and a reason behind it all)
  • the resume tells your story (but are you telling your story in the right way?)
  • the reason why things are on a resume and others are not and why the nots are often fatal
  • the psychology you can employ in creating your resume using Word
  • the unasked questions often first answered on your resume by hiring managers
Part 2 is practice:
  • We will have supporters and moderators from The CT Groups available for one-on-one reviews
  • You must to attend Part 1 to receive Part 2 to make the most of your limited time in Part 2
Remember marking you plan to attend provides benefit to you as documenting you are working to improve yourself by attending training event like those offered by The CT Groups.

NOTE:  Indicating an intent to attend via LinkedIn will not generate a reservation.
  1. Submit your request via e-mail to TheCTGroups@att.net with the Subject "Resumes" and your name listed within the body of the e-mail.
  2. Requests must be received 24 hours before the event start date and time to facilitate processing.
    Cancellations should be e-mailed and received 24 hours before the event start date and time.
  3. We most likely will be assigning times for your expected arrival to better manage your time and the resources reviewing resumes.



Date:    May 12, 2012
Time:   8:30 AM to Noon
Place:   Hope Church                     Map to Hope Church      Map of Hope Church
            8500 Walnut Grove                    Link for Hope Church
            Cordova, TN 38018-7392
  1. Park in the southwest area of the Church facing Walnut Grove near Entrance 1.
  2. Enter the Building through the RIGHT most doors of Entrance 1 (there are doors to the far LEFT).
  3. Upon entry, make two quick RIGHT turns.  You are now standing before a staircase.
  4. Climb the stairs to the second floor.  Room 230 is directly across the hallway from you.

The CT Groups extends their continued thanks and appreciation to Hope Church
for their continued support of these free events and to the recruiters and others
 who graciously volunteer their Saturday morning to support this program.