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For The CT Groups membership at SECOND SATURDAY on OCTOBER 13

LinkedIn Event Link: http://linkd.in/PhcnzT


Resumes Revisited


What we are hearing and seeing is alarming!

·      My resume is so bad I won’t put it on LinkedIn.

·      But I’m sending my resume to lots of companies.

They don’t understand why they are not being asked for interviews.

Change comes when you make a change.
If something is not working you fix it or you watch things get worse.  There is no calculus or advanced theoretical science involved.  With some help you will see how simply this change is to make.
There is no time like the present to get help.

If you have not had an interview in the past 3 to 5 months chances are you HAVE A BAD RESUME!
“If it ain’t workin’ for ya it’s workin’ against ya!”
You need to take charge and make some changes!



So what are we going to do?
1.   We will go through good and “less good” sections of resumes submitted to
TheCTGroups@att.net no later than 5 PM Friday October 5, 2012.  Include 1 job posting
     you applied to and did not get at least a screening interview for a reference point.

2.   No names, e-mail addresses, LinkedIn links, telephone, addresses and file names will be shown.

3.   The attendees will be walked through selected resume sections and discuss the resumes for
     “things” that may be hurting your submissions plus possible ways some basic Word techniques
     can improve your resume.  Recruiters’ brains may make the call but their eyes influence the

This is not a review of individual Resumes but an examination and discussion of what’s good, what is not, and how they could be made better.  Resumes brought to the meeting cannot be used.


At least one Memphis company is preparing up to hire people across many levels.  Surveys indicate companies are constrained as their employees are burned out from long hours.  The need to hire is evident but the economic and political climate are negative factors.  These negatives may begin to change.  Now is the time to get prepared as companies are making their hiring plans for 2013 now!



Second Saturday – October 13, 2012
9:00 AM (sharp) to Noon (at least), Room 230
Hope Church - 8500 Walnut Grove, Cordova, TN
Use the parking lot in the southwest area of the Church facing Walnut Grove in the vicinity of Entrance 1.  Enter the Church using the doors on the RIGHT side of Entrance 1.  Upon entry make two quick right turns where you will see stairs to the second floor.  At the top of the stairs Room 230, where we meet, is directly across the hallway from you.

A Map to Hope Church and a picture of the Church can be found http://TheCTGroups.org/info/Groups/Hope