Second Saturday: Up the Mood Elevator

 For members of The CT Groups

For April 13th, Second Saturday's Kevin Simonton will discuss the book and lessons from
"Up the Mood Elevator"
   - Living Life At Your Best
-  You've seen it in the book stores
-  You've seen it on the web
-  You've seen it on Best Seller's Lists (released Feb 2013)
-  Your employer may have had an "all hands" seminar on it
    Reports that FedEx and Methodist Healthcare held classes
-  It is something for the unemployed, the under-employed,
    plus the employed and even any spouse and children
-  It will make a difference in your job search, a difference
    in your attitude and in your life 
Read more about this exciting book by visiting:

Time, Place, Maps and Directions to the Room
Second Saturday – April 13, 2013
9:00 AM (sharp) to 11:00 AM
Hope Church - 8500 Walnut Grove, Cordova, TN
Room 230
Map to Hope Church:
·  Use the parking lot in the southwest area of the Church facing Walnut Grove in the
of Entrance 1 (see illustration below)
·  Enter the Church using the doors on the RIGHT side of Entrance 1
·  Upon entry make two quick right turns where you will see stairs to the second floor
·  At the top of the stairs, directly across the hallway, is Room 230 where we meet