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LinkedIn Basics 
      A session exclusively for      
   members of The CT Groups    


      What is LinkedIn?  It is:
  • a global professional networking resource
  • a web based tool available 24 x 7
  • amazingly easy to learn and easy to use
  • a network of over 220,000,000 members world-wide (growth: about 2 every 1 second)
  • a network of over 300,000 members in the Memphis area (growth: about 1 every 3 minutes)
  • something that can help you find jobs in "The Hidden Job Market"
  • something that can help you be found by Recruiters looking for good candidates to be hired
  • something that can help you find contacts at companies you want to work at
  • something that can help you get information on companies that only LinkedIn has
  • a tool that offers over 1,600,000 Groups focused on a wide range of topics you can join
  • a service that does not charge you for becoming a new member,
    a service that does not charge an annual membership fee, and
    a service that does not charge you for your use of the service.  It can be totally free.
    You can pay for premium services but we only recommend it for a few high income earners.
    Any cost for your PC or other device plus Internet connection costs are yours as always.
    Attendees who want to be considered for having their Profile built during the session must:
    (a) bring a paper copy of their best resume AND e-mail one copy to TheCTGroups@att.net,
    (b) have a business appropriate e-mail address ready for use prior to arriving at the meeting
    (c) must know the e-mail address and password for this account and sign-on to the account
         during the Profile creation to validate ownership of the Profile
    (d) the e-mail address must not require any special service to access; it must be accessible
         via a browser connected to the Internet.
    (e) the building of the Profile will be projected so all can see as it is created live.

We will be looking for a resume with multiple entries for employment and ideally in the areas in education, volunteerism, etc.  Please do not "load up" your resume for this opportunity as this rarely produces a quality Profile; we will work to uncover special things about you for the Profile.  This discovery process of your own value can be used by others.  Due to time constraints we only anticipate being able to build one Profile from scratch during this event.

  • If you are NOT on LinkedIn today, why are you waiting?
    If you have skills that are in demand for an office or professional position you need to rethink any further delay.  Recruiters are looking for people to hire via Social Media and networking resources.  LinkedIn is both.  Companies are paying $18,000 per recruiter per year (last report received) to have LinkedIn Recruiter that provides greater searching and recruitment tools.  People are receiving interviews from LinkedIn Profiles.  Some are hired strictly from their LinkedIn Profile and one telephone interview.  You're sending your resume to unknown people.  Why not try a path that has resulted in so many being interviewed and hired?  What do you have to loose expect some time and being unemployed?
  • If LinkedIn is totally new to you we strongly recommend you visit Mike's LinkedIn at TheCTGroups.org to learn more about LinkedIn by watching videos and attending LinkedIn's free live web broadcast to introduce LinkedIn to first time users (reservations are required for LinkedIn's  web broadcast or webinar).
On Saturday, May 11th 9:00 AM SHARP at Hope Church, Room 230 we will:
  • discuss the power of LinkedIn to your job search and long term career
  • create from scratch a LinkedIn Profile in a live excercise
  • discuss how to draw Recruiters to your Profile for the jobs they want to fill 
Like with any tool, investing your time to understand the tool and using the tool in an
appropriate manner is necessary to build a quality productive Profile.  It is not automatic
but it is possible.
Seminars are available like this in Memphis for 1 hour only covering far less material for $150.00
Can you afford not to attend this training session exclusively for members of The CT Groups?
Time, Place, Maps and Directions to the Room
Second Saturday – April 13, 2013
9:00 AM (sharp) to Noon (at least)
Hope Church - 8500 Walnut Grove, Cordova, TN
Room 230
Map to Hope Church: http://HopePres.org/
· Use the parking lot in the southwest area of the Church facing Walnut Grove in the 
of Entrance 1 (see illustration below)
· Enter the Church using the doors on the RIGHT side of Entrance 1
· Upon entry make two quick right turns where you will see stairs to the second floor
· At the top of the stairs, directly across the hallway, is Room 230 where we meet

Above image shows the First Floor doors at Entrance 1
the stairway you will walk up to the second floor, and
the number number shown with Room 230 highlighted.

The CT Groups and the presenters are not associated with, employed by, contacted to, or have any special relationship with LinkedIn.  The LinkedIn name and logos are trademarks as noted in our Legal Stuff page found in the footer of each web page.