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The Federal Reserve Board today announced in a statement, data shows “that growth in economic activity has picked up recently.”  The central bank also said the labor market “showed further improvement” and consumer spending “appears to be rising more quickly.”  

APR 4, 2015 - Fox News Sunday
Fred Smith indicates FedEx sees a GDP in the 2.5% range for 2014 and approximately a 3.5% for 2015.

APR 5, 2015 - Institute for Supply Management
The non-manfuacturing index:
        Rose from 53.1% to 55.2% in April beating 54.2% forecast
The new orders barometer rose from 53.4% to 58.2% in April
The business activity/production barometer rose from 53.4% to 60.9% for April
Values above 50% reflect an economic expansion which supports job creation


While quarterly performance was a dismal 0.1% versus 2.5% in the preceding quarter, other economic numbers have turned around in mid-March including increased factory orders, growing inventories in stores and durable goods orders ... all indications of improvement.

These are encouraging words for those seeking employment who prepared targeted resumes for submission.  This may be the long awaited signal to bolster employer confidence to expand hiring plans this Spring and Summer.  The concern is with so many submissions deemed unqualified or lacking in preparation, will many of those seeking jobs actually be looked at?
  1. Is my resume representing me well as it should, and if not, what corrective actions are necessary?

  2. Have I been networking from a targeted companies list, and if not, how will the needed positioning and company focus be communicated by my resume and other communications?

  3. Have my interviewing activities included preparation for Behavioral Interview Questions and do I have strong compelling success stories to present for those questions?  Have I prepared for what and what not to talk about that will enhance my success potential?

  4. Am I adequately prepared to highlight my skills, training, education and accomplishments in a manner relevant to the specified needs and problems the company is hiring to address?

If you are uncertain, have questions or concerns April 10th needs to be marked on your calendar to ask questions and get ideas.  Bring your questions, Resume, Business Cards and anything else you think may be good including a determination to win.  Let's take a "top down" look at where attendees are at and how to raise it up to the next level.

At Second Saturday on May 10th, we will talk about these and items of attendee interest to help position people for success and not just hoping to eventually beat the odds against you if you have not prepared yourself and your job search for success.

Discover how not to let your cookie crumble.

Time, Place, Maps and Directions to the NEW Room


Second Saturday – May 10, 2014
9:00 AM (sharp) to Noon
Hope Church - Room 224 - 8500 Walnut Grove - Cordova, TN
Map to Hope Church: http://HopePres.com/
Map of Hope Church: http://HopePres.com/buildingmap
·  Use the parking lot in the southwest area of the Church facing Walnut Grove in the 
     vicinity of Entrance 1 (area facing Walnut Grove and near the Power Lines)
·  Enter the Church using the doors on the RIGHT side of Entrance 1 (see illustration below)
·  Upon entry make two quick RIGHT turns where you will see stairs to the second floor
·  At the top of the stairs, turn RIGHT and go through the double doors.  Enter the first
    door on your RIGHT.  Walk down the hallway.  Room 224 is the second door on your LEFT.

MAP from Entrance 1 East Doors to Room 224 on 2nd Floor.
Image Credits: Hope Church and Mike Zurkammer