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Last months Second Saturday meeting was limited to 24 CT Members who had been unemployed for over 6 months. The fact that there were only 24 members of the CT Groups that met this criteria is a tribute to the great job all the group leaders do to help us in job search. Of the 12 members that came to the meeting, at least 5 members now have jobs due to their new found motivation and improvements to their resume. Some of these jobs pay between $50-100,000!  


In preparation of the JobLINC Job Fair the CT Groups have teamed with members of SHRM to offer the CT Group members help in preparing for this job fair. We will talk about many of the topics below but we also want to use the SHRM members expertise to look over your resume because many of you are not asking others look at your resume and it is hampering, if not killing, your job search efforts. Please be sure to bring a copy of your resume for a private consultation about your resume and any other job search questions that you may have. This is an opportunity that you will not get at the job fair!


This is not your ordinary Job Fair. There will be many local hiring companies looking for candidates for hourly and salaried positions! Other groups have been undergoing specific training for this job fair and you need to be competitive in this market, more than you know.


Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • Why you fear the job interview and how to overcome your fear
  • 10 things you must do before a successful job interview
  • How to dress for the job interview
  • What to expect from a job fair and how to achieve your goals
  • How you should act at a job fair and other etiquette tips
  • Interviewing tips
  • 115 Interview Questions
  • How to use the STAR technique for interviews
  • Questions to ask the employer
  • Interview Evaluation forms


While the job fair environment is not a place for a formal interview and no one has received an offer at a job fair, we will go over interviewing  basics for your benefit. We have received feedback from hiring managers that some of our members need to improve their interviewing skills.


Please reply (NOT "Reply All") to this announcement if you plan on attending this session on Saturday morning. Due to the highly personal training you will get at this session, we will limit seating to the first 30 members who RSVP by 8:00 PM Friday July 11, 2014 to
MEMPHIS-CT-OWNER@YAHOOGROUPS.COM  .  The session will be held at Hope Presbyterian Church at 8500 Walnut Grove Road in Cordova. We will start promptly at 9:00 AM. We will reply back to those of you who RSVP giving you directions to the meeting room. The room location is still a mystery we are trying to solve at this time.