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Insights into becoming a Programmer


Over this year a number of members expressed the desire to become a programmer.  This desire was driven by a number of expressed reasons.  Finding if you have “the right stuff” can be very costly in time, money and aggravation … after all it seems so simple.  If you are thinking about programming as a career or just want insight into computers or programming you want to join us this Saturday at Hope Church, 9 AM sharp, in Room 224.


NOT everyone can be a programmer … I’ve seen 75%+ of a class drop out before mid-terms destroying their visions of quick high paying job because they did not “sanity check” those dreams.  I’ve witnessed people who had to take a class then changed their major to be a programmer.  The income as a programmer is good IF you have the aptitude, skills, and will.  In 3 hours this Saturday, for free, you can get insight into what others spent months and hundreds of dollars to discover.


What I’ll discuss with you are:

  • The 5 common components of every computer from an Apple wristwatch to a giant supercomputer to an old rotary telephone, why they are important and what they are

  • The visual/graphic process a programmer uses to plan a program (or a collection of programs)

  • The “sanity checking" the plan for missing items

  • Introduction to the B.A.S.I.C. Programming Language

    • Why the B.A.S.I.C. Language was created and its history

    • Principal B.A.S.I.C. Language programming instructions

    • Writing a simple program to multiple two numbers and print the answer

    • Expanding on the simple program to do more things for us

  • Answering questions about programming languages, what some languages are used for what special areas that may amaze you, what is it like to work as a programmer, why there are so many different languages you can learn, what is a typical week like for a programmer, who do programmers work with to get their job done successfully

  • Answering any other related questions  on programming or Information Technologies


This is a learning and discovery opportunity to gain insight and knowledge and NOT to make anyone look bad.  There are many bright well educated people who were never a programmer or could write a program or even cared to.  We each have unique skills, abilities and talents … perhaps this is something that you have yet to discover about yourself because of a lack of opportunity or appropriate setting.  I did not discover my skills in and passion for this area until an optional opportunity presented itself to me … something like this session.

I believe programmers start in the $30 to $40,000 range and can rise quickly with demonstrated ability and passion.  Very good and specialized programmers can go into the low $100,000 range for certain industries once they prove themselves.


I hope to see you there.  And if people elect not to come for this, we can talk about job search challenges you are facing!



Time, Place, Maps and Directions to the Room


Second Saturday – September 13, 2014
9:00 AM (sharp) to Noon

Hope Church - Room 224 - 8500 Walnut Grove - Cordova, TN

Map to Hope Church: http://HopePres.com/

·  Use the parking lot in the southwest area of the Church facing Walnut Grove in the 
     vicinity of Entrance 1 (area facing Walnut Grove and near the Power Lines)
·  Enter the Church using the doors on the RIGHT side of Entrance 1 (see illustration below)
·  Upon entry make two quick RIGHT turns where you will see stairs to the second floor
·  At the top of the stairs, turn RIGHT and go through the double doors.  Enter the first
    door on your RIGHT.  Walk down the hallway.  Room 224 is the second door on your LEFT.

  • MAP from Entrance 1 East Doors to Room 224 on 2nd Floor.       
     Image Credit: Floor Plan - Hope Church and Mike Zurkammer