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Second Saturday                                                      For Members of The CT Groups only.

"Behavioral Interview" sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard.

It's hard to win a game you do not understand!
Let's discuss this game and get some practice!

Yet these do not have to be the "hour of horror" IF you understand the process and what is expected from you then practice and prepare.  Understanding the challenge before you helps to reduce fears people have.  So before you take 15 minutes telling the interviewer just how horrible your last boss was, you really need to attend this.

     So what can you expect at this session:
       1.  Seeing some live example of what you do NOT want to say and what you should
            in a mock session.
       2.  The opportunity to take turns asking prepared questions then discuss where
            mistakes were made and how to have done it better (or avoided a trap)!
       3.  The opportunity to go into a short behavioral interview session "with" a net.
       4.  What other questions unusual questions may arise and how to even start them.

This session will be an enhancement of one done for Christian Brothers University,
which was part of a student created program.  Their program took 3rd Place in a
national competition sponsored by the Institute of Electronic & Electrical Engineers.
Because this involves handouts we need to have copies of everything for everyone to bring the greatest value for everyone.

E-mail Questions@TheCTGroups.org with your name indicating you want to attend the March 12th Second Saturday.  Responses will be date and time stamped should we approach our limits for the session.  CUTOFF IS 5:00 PM CST MARCH 10, 2016.  If you have to cancel please let us know as well.

Bring something to write with, something to support the paper you will be writing on and paper for any other notes you care to take.


Time, Place, Maps and Directions to the Room


Second Saturday – March 12th, 2016
9:00 AM (sharp) to Noon (or potentially later)
Hope Church - Room 224 - 8500 Walnut Grove - Cordova, TN

        Map to Hope Church: http://HopePres.com/
Map of Hope Church: http://HopePres.com/buildingmap

·  Use the parking lot in the southwest area of
    the Church facing Walnut Grove in the
    vicinity of Entrance 1 (look for the distinct
    architecture shown in this adjacent picture)

·  Enter the Church using the doors on the
    RIGHT side of Entrance 1 (see illustration)

·  Upon entry make two quick RIGHT turns
    where you will see stairs to the second floor

·  At the top of the stairs, turn RIGHT and go
    through the double doors.  Enter the first
    door on your RIGHT.  Walk down the hallway.

    Room 224 is the second door on your LEFT.

    The map below will help you navigate the
    route to the second floor and to the room
    we meet in.  Hope to see you there!
MAP of East Doors for Entrance 1 and to Room 224.
Enter through the East Doors to reach Room 224 on 2nd Floor.

Photo Credit: Michael D Zurkammer
Image Credit: Floor Plan - Hope Church and Michael D Zurkammer