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Networking a New Fashioned Way

Membership is exclusive to active members of The CT Groups.  This is a virtual group distributing the member requests for items like:
  • information on Companies, Organizations, People
  • contacts in industries, companies, cities, etc.
  • assistance with transition related matters
  • a reasonable and good repair person they need
  • anything needed during their career transition that is in good taste, legal, moral, and ethical
  • information of general value to the membership
We strongly recommend members use networking as their primary means to identify and secure employment.

Any member in good standing with The CT Groups may e-mail their requests to Help-CT@yahoogroups.com

Request must include a good heading to give insight to your request and sufficient information for them to help you from that request.  Remember for contacts, casting too small of a net by being highly specific can result in nothing while casting the broader request can get you something to work with to achieve your ultimate objective.

When joining this group you will also receive membership in TheCTGroups-MEM, Memphis-CT and Help-CT that support our e-mail distribution for updated Rosters, Job Sharing, and Requests for Help for your career transition. All members are governed by our written Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use & Membership Agreement Policy (visit The Repository for this document).   Each group utilizes a private e-mail distribution system to support communications between members.

This group uses a members only e-mail distribution to communicate between the members of The CT Groups network.  All members are governed by our written Acceptable Use & Membership Agreement Policy.