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Human Resources

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Memphis Human Resources
A Career Transition Support Group

Church Sponsor: Reverend Gary K. Sturni, D.Min

Dates & Times:
6:30 PM on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.  Prior to traveling, check for any schedule changes and always use good judgment before and during your travels.

Meeting map to:
St. George's Episcopal Church
2425 South Germantown Road
Germantown, TN  38138-5946

Parking Information:
Use the lot in front of the Church for free parking.  Use handicapped spaces only if allowed by law.

Room Information:
Enter building through the Sanctuary doors then turn left and walk down the hallway.  Turn right down the first hallway.  Room "C" is at the end of the hallway on the left.


Group Overview:
Our focus is to support networking, relationship building, and sharing information with attendees at our meetings each month.  We focus on Human Resources but welcome others seeking to expand their network or knowledge.  We post HR positions which are not distributed through Memphis-CT.

Our PHR/SPHR Certification Study Group (held at a different date, time and place from our meetings) helps members with these challenging exams.  Of those who attended and took the test, 100% earned their SPHR Certification.    

Membership requests may only be made in person to the Moderator(s) during our meetings.   Online requests are not accepted per our Policy to encourage attendance and improve the learning experience of our members.  If you find value in attending this meeting, you are encouraged to ask the Moderator while at the meeting for Membership. You will be asked for your name, e-mail address, telephone contact number(s) and the type of work you are seeking. This information will be used for our internal use and to provide you membership into our online resources including e-mail distribution. Having a Yahoo! ID (a Yahoo!, Y! Mail, or Rocketmail e-mail account) is beneficial to have PRIOR to joining any group as you will then be able to leverage the resourced stored at the web site created for each of the groups you join. Members agree to the terms of the Acceptable Use & Membership Agreement Policy that governs all members of The CT Groups to insure a positive
environment promoting getting people back to work. A copy is e-mailed to every new member upon entry into our network.
For more information please visit TheCTGroups.com/Become-a-member/steps

Other Links:

When joining this group you will also receive membership in TheCTGroups-MEM, Memphis-CT and Help-CT that support our e-mail distribution for updated Rosters, Job Sharing, and Requests for Help for your career transition. All members are governed by our written Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use & Membership Agreement Policy (visit The Repository for this document).   Each group utilizes a private e-mail distribution system to support communications between members.