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Networking a New Fashioned Way

Membership is exclusive to members of The CT Groups.  This virtual group distributes
job postings from "less traveled roads" by members, churches and companies participating in The CT Groups network.

Employers may request the ability to directly distribute their employment opportunities into this network at no cost to the company.

Inquiries may be sent to Questions@TheCTGroups.org

Visit http://TheLPBC.com/jobs to access the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club's job list of positions within the membership's companies.  These positions are not necessarily widely posted as in a board board.

  Job Boards versus Networking 
         The CT Groups strongly recommends members use networking as their primary
         means for seeking employment.  Networking is involved in over 80% of all jobs
         landed while a 2014 study reported job boards, used by 70% of job seekers,
         reported only a 10% success rate in finding employment. 

  Posting (distributing) Material 

Members in good standing with The CT Groups may distribute jobs or information tied to a job search by e-mailing items to Memphis-CT@yahoogroups.com using the e-mail address you provided to The CT Groups when you joined.

For Job Postings
Use a subject that includes the Job Title then, within parenthesis, the company and city where the job will be.  This allows others to quickly decide if they have interest in the position.  If there are multiple job titles, indicate the field of work they are in if possible.  Always make it clear who and how interested and qualified people should respond to so you do not receive resumes.

For Other Material
Provide a meaningful subject that is short and to the point.  Again this helps members decide if the item has importance to them or not. 

  Accessing the Web Site 

Things you must know or have to access this web site:
  1. the site is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Memphis-CT

  2. the e-mail address provided to The CT Groups must have been a Yahoo! ID. (While Yahoo!'s policy requires a Yahoo! ID, other e-mail accounts have been
    accepted in the past.  However,
    Yahoo! may change their policies on other e-mail accounts at any time without prior notice.)  You can create your Yahoo! Profile to indicate the e-mail address all items received should be redirected to.  The creation and updating of the Yahoo! ID and Yahoo! Profile rests with the member.

  3. the password you created for your Yahoo! ID

  4. If you are unable to access the web site and are correctly entering your Yahoo! ID and password, try using a Yahoo! tool at groups.yahoo.com/memwiz   This tool will fix any broken links between your Yahoo! ID and Group membership.
    The security system compares your Yahoo! ID against the list of members using e-mail addresses.  If the e-mail address is not found the security system rejects whatever request you were making.
Once you gain access to the site there is a repository of Files and Links collected by various topics.  There is also a repository of all items posted going back to potentially the first days of the group. and items distributed through this group potentially back to the group creation.

Include all needed information including the contact information for the position.
The subject should include the job title along with the company (or recruiter) and city of the work location.

When joining this group you will also receive membership in TheCTGroups-MEM, Memphis-CT and Help-CT that support our e-mail distribution for updated Rosters, Job Sharing, and Requests for Help for your career transition. All members are governed by our written Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use & Membership Agreement Policy (visit The Repository for this document).   Each group utilizes a private e-mail distribution system to support communications between members.

This group uses a members only e-mail distribution to communicate between the members of
The CT Groups network.