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x:xx PM on the xxx Wednesday of 
each month.  Prior to traveling, check for any Schedule Changes.

We recognize the value of being able to "reach someone" for insights and questions and what to find a means to provide that going forward.
We are also exploring materials that can be downloaded to a Windows device to provide information you can retain for
future reference and ideally a means to obtain updates.
                                   Material potentially may be attached to this webpage to
                                   allow any member or interested party access to the
                                   material including obtaining what will always be the most
                                   updated version at the time they sought the material.

Orientation is strongly recommended for anyone who is:
-  in career transition
-  at potential risk of or know they will be losing their job
-  considering membership as a potential volunteer
-  a current member wanting a refresh their knowledge

For any meeting, always use good judgment before deciding to travel and while traveling.

Meeting map to:
Memphis, TN  xxxxxxxxxxx

Parking Information:
Enter the church property at the intersection of xxxxxxxxxxxx.  Park in any unmarked or unreserved parking space on Church property or at the adjacent park to the West.  

Room Information:
Enter via the xxxxxxxxxxxxdriveway doors on the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
Turn right towards the xxxxxxxxxxxx and go xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxto your right.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxturn right then make a quick left turn.
Down the hallway you will find Room xxx on the left.


Group Overview:

Orientation is to help prospective and current members obtain a high level overview of what their experience in career transition may be like and how The CT Groups can play a role in helping you through that process and the resources available from The CT Groups.  A career transition will be a different experience for each person due to our education, training, skills, experience, certifications, personality, likes, dislikes, and many other personal factors.  Career transition will be the hardest job of your life but it can provide opportunities to an improved career and better standard of life.

Orientation is strongly recommended for all new members.

Other Links:

When joining The CT Groups you will also receive membership in TheCTGroups-MEM, Memphis-CT and Help-CT that support our e-mail distribution for updated Rosters, Job Sharing, and Requests for Help for your career transition. All members are governed by our written Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use & Membership Agreement Policy (visit The Repository for this document).   Each group utilizes a private e-mail distribution system to support communications between members.

Membership in the Orientation program is not offered.