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LinkedIn Groups

 Updated 02/22/2017

               The CT Groups and
              The CT Groups - Memphis TN
              plus others on Linkedin!

Linkedin is a global professional networking tool that supports people with the ability to find old friends and colleagues, find people within other companies, industries, or professions, reach specific individuals
with special skills or proven expertise.  For the career transitioner, it offers additional tools to find contacts and their connections to you, obtain information about companies the company itself may not know and contact appropriate research from this data-rich environment of global professionals.

Joining and being active in a LinkedIn Group provides the ability to share information with others globally based on the focus of the group whether it is a social, professional, or other special interest groups.  Extra value comes from your ability to participate in the discussions as a contributor with your expertise and view or to initiate a discussion about something you are trying to resolve or have an interest in.

Professionals who do not participate in LinkedIn should reconsider their decision.  Networking is an essential component of a job search and as part of your career planning and preparation for your next job search.

The CT Groups maintains two groups within LinkedIn:
    • The CT Groups
      A group planned for additional communities using The CT Groups to provide a wider range of networking.

    • The CT Groups - Memphis TN
      A group with a focus on the metro Memphis, TN area.
          We do confirm all requests for membership into the above Linkedin Groups and will grant a limited
          time period to join if they have not already done so.  Otherwise, the request will be denied.

Membership in these groups requires membership in The CT Groups and you attend meetings.  All requests for or existing members must remain in good standing with The CT Groups for continued membership.  The Acceptable Use & Membership Agreement Policy and our Code of Conduct are enforced for the maintenance of a productive environment.

    1. For recruiters, LinkedIn is an attractive means to distribute jobs; it is a global network of professionals, it produces quick results and there is little to no cost involved.  LinkedIn also provides the recruiters the ability to assess applicants or to seek candidates without posting positions.

    2. The CT Groups post activities as LinkedIn Events.  This allows members to indicate their interest or plan to attend the various events.  This is a benefit as it documents (usually within 72 hours) your election and information on that event as an entry captured by Google and searchable by your name.  Enough said?
    1. Launch LinkedIn and sign in.

    2. From the Tool Bar across the top of the LinkedIn page:
      position your mouse on Groups to display a drop down menu then
      click on Groups Directory.

    3. A box in the upper left of the page is titled "Groups Search".  Enter in the Keywords box
      "The CT Groups" then click the Search button.

    4. A new page is displayed and you should now see links to both of our LinkedIn based Groups.  To the far right of each group you should find a link allowing you to Join Group.  This will submit a membership request.

      Based on the above requirements you will either:
      a)  be approved when reviews of requests are conducted or

      b)  informed our records do not reflect current membership but your request will remain
           open for 30 days allowing you time to obtain membership as required.  If after 30 days
           you have not obtained membership your request will be declined.  You may always
           restart the process at a later date.


There are thousands of Groups within Linkedin.  Most are "open" groups allowing anyone to join
while others are managed and your request to join must be approved by a Group Owner.

Whatever your interest is, there is most likely a LinkedIn Group for that.  You can perform a simple
search using keywords to find them.  Many in the Memphis, TN area include the word Memphis in their Group name.  Others are found using their name or other key words such as "bicycle", "sailing",
networking, etc.  There is no harm in trying keywords and nothing to loose.

Companies and many professional groups plus universities and colleges are in a Linkedin Group so search for those to expand YOUR personal network for job search or just getting reconnected!