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 Networking  ...
a New Fashioned Way

Membership for this group is open to the public at no cost.
Membership requests made at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheCTGroups-MEM will be
automatically accepted when using an accepted e-mail address as required by Yahoo! Groups.
Yahoo! requires new members to create a Yahoo! ID to become a user of their resources.

Likely interested parties include, but are not limited to organizations that have contact
with those in a career transition who need assistance for their job search.  These may be businesses, medical offices, retail stores, non-profits, social or civic groups, government agencies, libraries, houses of worship, universities, etc.

The Group is an "out bound e-mail only" service to distribute updated materials from The CT Groups Administrator, such as The CT Groups Roster, to the members of this Group. 

Membership in this group does not constitute membership in The CT Groups. Information on Membership is available via the link Become a Member.  Additional information may be answered by viewing our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

This group uses a members only e-mail distribution to communicate between the members of The CT Groups network but may be joined by the General Public.  Any person(s), group or organization who would like post or otherwise distribute our Roster of meetings may join to receive the automatic updates via e-mail.  The document, web site and other materials are trademarked under The CT Groups by Michael D Zurkammer.

The receipt and use of our documents include the following requirements:

    (1) modify of the document in any manner or make or appear to make any
         claim to the Roster or claim regarding contents of the Roster is prohibited

    (2) you will not assess or level any charge, fee or obligation made upon those
         receiving the Roster, and

    (3) you will begin distributing or post the newest Roster within two (2) Business Days
         of receipt.  The primary concern is people making potentially a costly travel for
         help or rescheduling an important appointment or meeting when a meeting may
         have been cancelled, changed, or group suspended or terminated.  Where means
         and available time permit we do post changes at Schedule Changes.

    (4) superseded documents and/or documents will be destroyed from any and all
         storage systems and removed from all distribution channels and locations.