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Our Good Friends

Updated 01/08/2017

 Since 2003, many high quality people with
 busy lives 
volunteered their time, talent,  knowledge, skills and sometimes "their  gold" without any fanfare or compensation.

 The CT Groups express our recognition,  gratitude and remembrance to those who  came forward from our community to help  others in need as a highly skilled  volunteer at The CT Groups.

May you always be in our hearts, minds and prayers for your efforts and passion for freely offering your help to others in need.  We send our gratitude for your contributions in serving the many and, in turn, helping to benefit and improve our community.  You will be forever appreciated and remembered.

The good ones get away before you can express your gratitude to them for their help.
Some of these left town before we could extend our thanks, others from their passing.

We also recognize the many high quality recruiters who have given and continue to offer their time and talents helping members including special programs by The CT Groups.
People matter.  Those who volunteer to help others are very special people to our city.

More will be added when appropriate.


     Ms. Andrea Hough
           Career Link; Hope Church, Cordova, TN
           [Hope-CT]  2008 - 2014      

           Andrea's executive HR knowledge for Talent
           Recruitment and Organizational Development gave
           members great insight into how companies seek
           for talent and what they generally want to find for
           those individuals to be interviewed and ultimately
           are offered a position.

           Andrea is currently an HR executive with one of North 
America's largest banks
           and authored articles shared on LinkedIn related to recruitment.
           We appreciate the time 
she gave from her VP position in Memphis during the
           evenings to help people during their career transition.  Andrea is still engaged
           with articles appearing in LinkedIn for Human Resource related topics.

     Ms. Bridgett Sorenson                                           
           Career Link; Hope Church, Cordova, TN
           [Hope-CT]  2011 - 2014

           Bridgett's great energy and positive nature made
           her a natural for Talent Recruitment.  She brought
           her energies and nature to help those within this
           group.  Her shared insights into the recruitment
           process and how to present themselves for jobs
           was well valued.  Her ability to help turn around
           those who were "downbeat" was wonderful.  She
           is of great value wherever she is at.  Thank you Bridgett for all those you helped
           and the 
opportunities you helped inspire them to reach for.

     Rev. Chas Williams
           Founder & Co-Moderator
           Grace Church, Olive Branch, MS
           [GCOB-CT]  2009 - 2013

           Chas's strong energetic appeal helped members through
           their career transition.  Having a Moderator who is also a
           minister brought a special dimension to his membership.
           In this rural friendly House of Worship, Chase was able to
           leverage Memphis resources into Mississippi including the
           the many skills of Chuck Williams to create a very special
           blend of insight and expertise to this group.
  The dynamics
           of these two family members working together to communicate critical tips key
           to career transition demonstrated magic in action.  Chase continues to be a
           friend of The CT Groups.

     Mr. Chuck Williams
           Support Member/Co-Moderator
           St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Collierville, TN
           [SAEC-CT]  2007 - 2010
           Grace Church, Olive Branch, MS
           [GCOB-CT]  2009 - 2013
   As a retiree, Chuck brought considerable experience from his involvement at a
   pharmaceutical company as the "last person between the applicant and the
   invitation for Corporate interviews".  His insights in having seen both the dismal
   and stellar resumes along with having developed great insights into people
   during their interviews, ways to improve and score important points.  Chuck has
   a great talent in breaking down a challenge to manageable parts and ways to use
   your situation to a competitive advantage.  He is a very strong believer in
   networking and conducted sessions to help people plan and track their efforts.
   It is difficult to guess how many people Chuck helped but his "office" in the back
   booth of a certain Germantown restaurant was always open Monday thru Friday
   in the morning for those wanting to talk.

      Mr. Chuck Winters                                            
  St. Francis of Assisi Church, Memphis, TN
  [SFAC-CT] 2010 - 2017
  Chuck came to The CT Groups in Nov 2009 as a
  member.  After landing, Chuck kept giving back to 
  help others in their transition eventually taking on
  a Moderator's role.  This was a natural fit for Chuck
  with over 20 years at TPI Restaurants (Shoney's),
  Perkin's, Applebee's and at Human Reach Capital
  as Director for Training roles plus Partner at Human

  Reach Capital.  Chuck had an obvious passion in helping
  others achieve greater levels in their career through
  programs in his various programs.  We were very
  fortunate to have had him offer his considerable skills
  and expertise to help those in The CT Groups for many
  years as and before becoming a Moderator.  Chuck
   "nailed it" on his LinkedIn Profile by writing "
I am driven
    to impact the lives of both employees and company
    leaders. I believe that well-trained employees, and
    and managers who are able to learn, practice and
    unleash excellent leadership skills make the biggest
    difference in companies' successes.
  Chuck's infectious energy, 
positive attitude and great smile will be dearly missed
  by all who knew him.
  [September 1955 - January 2017]

     Mr. David Silberman
          Co-founding Moderator
          Temple Israel Support Group, Memphis, TN
2010 - 2014

           David was a member of The CT Groups during his career
           transition after leaving a management position with a retail
           clothing company.  He and Rob Mann saw an unfilled need

           and created the TISG-CT Group with the blessings and
           support of Senior Rabbi Micah Greenstein.

           April 18, 2010 marked their first meeting.  David joined
           the March of Dimes organization in 2009 as Sr Community
           Director having volunteered vast amounts of his time for an organization he
           passionately believed in.  David was key to obtaining a radio interview on the
           Entercom Memphis radio stations for The CT Gro
ups raising awareness of the
           free resources.  
David retired from his job and returned back to his home
           community with his loving wife where 
David plans to start a career transition
           group after getting their new home established.

     Mr. Don Blaz, SPHR
 Founding Moderator
           The Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, TN
           [TBBC-CT]  2003 - 2013

           Don studied at Kent State then Xavier for his
           undergraduate and graduate studies.  He served as Vice-
           President of Human Resources 
at Baptist Health System in
           Louisville, KY.  In 1993 Don became General 
Manager at
           The Transition Team helping those during career transition
           which became 
a focus for his future roles.  In 2005 he
Vice President and Managing Partner for Compass
           Career Management Solutions.  He joined 
Bellevue's staff as
Career Counselor and Moderator of The CT Group at Bellevue until his 2013

           As Moderator, nearly 1,700 people joined his Career Transition Group between 
           February 2003 and December 2013 as part of The CT Groups.  No records were
           kept preceding February 2003 when The CT Groups launched.

           Many came to Don seeking his advice and counsel for their career challenges and
           book reservations with Don for one-on-one sessions for his guidance and aid.

           We share the loss with the family and are very grateful for the many he so
           willingly gave time to serve. 

           [1938 - April 2016] 

       Mr. Don Theeuwes
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Collierville, TN
            [SAEC-CT]  2006 - 2011

            Germantown United Methodist Church, Germantown, TN
            [GUMC-CT] xxxx - 2015

              This group spends time talking to everyone to see how
            well things are going and discuss any problems they may
            be encountering and brainstorm ideas to resolve them.
            With Don's executive experience he could help guide the
            group through the problem-solving exercise and solicit any
            input from the attending members for other solutions.  The
            skill of creative thinking in business is important and there
            are few better environments that a nurturing and save one among friends.


      Mr. Frank Guarino
Frank G

           Co-founding Moderator
           Christ United Methodist Church, Memphis, TN
           [Christ Church]
           [CUMC-CT]  19xx - 2014

           The CT Groups Orientation
           Christ United Methodist Church, Memphis, TN
           19xx - 2015

           Frank became heavily involved with the support group at Christ Church serving
           as a Moderator and general support person.  When the needs to create an
           Orientation Group to help new members understand the process and structure,
           Frank was quick to volunteer his time and talents.  His efforts have helped many
           in their career transition and to land better than they may have otherwise.  Frank
           is a long term good friend of The CT Groups.

     Dr. Franklin (Frank) Weightman, Ph.D.
           Founding Moderator
           St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Collierville, TN
           [SAEC-CT]  xxxx - 2013

           Founding Moderator
           St. Andrew's Training Series for Career Transition
           [SATS-CT]  2009 - 2011

           Frank is one of those who enjoys helping others.
           His soft touch approach and calming voice helped
           many to see through challenges with less fear and
           a better perspective on what their tasks would be to resolve the challenge.  Frank
           brought many experiences from his careers and spent many of his last years
           guiding people in financial matters as a friend and providing insight into options
           available to them and steps they will need to take to protect their future during
           the period called Career Transition.  Frank is well respected for the guidance and
           counsel, he offered to those coming.

           Realizing the need to provide more information, Frank organized the Training
           Series to focus on the career transition in total terms to the family, finances,
           and securing employment.  Frank continues as a good friend of The CT Groups.

      Dr. Fred Dorn, PhD     
           Founding Moderator
           Germantown United Methodist Church [GUMC-CT]
           xxxx - 20xx

   Fred was one of the early programs offering
   support to those in transition with a regular and
   sizable attendance.  His positions included being a
   Counseling Psychologist at Texas A&M where he
   provided career, personal and academic counseling
   services to students, staff, and faculty.  Fred has
   specialties in business development, service
   delivery, consulting, problem solving, people oriented issues, strategy, change
   management, organizational development, executive recruitment, executive
   coaching, human resources and career management.  He has also worked/
   taught at the University of Mississippi and at the University of Memphis.  Fred
   helped many with his vast knowledge and experience as validated by his high
   attendance rates.   He continues to be a good friend of The CT Groups.

      Ms. Jamie Homa, Executive Recruiter
           Founding Moderator
 New Hope Christian Church, Bartlett, TN

             Jamie saw the need to start a group in a new area
           of Memphis to serve people in need.  Jamie gave
           a great program to the area and we appreciate
           her efforts to break new ground in Memphis to
           support those in career transition.  Jamie continues
           to be a good friend of The CT Groups.

      Mr. Jim Moody, CSSMBB CLM
           Industry Certification  Prep Class Instructor 
           Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

           Several years ago Jim became a source to help                    those in career transition obtain industry
           certifications.  Jim went out of his way to find a free
           facility they could hold classes.  Attendee costs
           where only the book, transportation and their time.
           Jim received nothing from anyone or any
           organization for this.

           This quiet Mechanical Engineer is a committed
           professional in his work and in helping others advance in their chosen field.  All
           who attended Jim's free class obtained their certification; a very high success
           rate in his students.  That helps those individuals, strengthens the community
           and contributes to the success of their subsequent employers.  An outstanding
           and repeated selfless act that has helped so many reach higher professional
           levels through Jim's efforts in helping them.

     Mr. Kevin James Gallagher, SPHR
           Co-Founding Moderator                                               No picture available.
           Human Resources Group
           [MEMHR-CT]  2008 - 2010

           Kevin joined The CT Groups during his career transition.  During this period he
           recognized a need and created a focused group for Human Resources.  One of
           the first of a "new wave" of volunteers, Kevin put his heart and soul into making
           this group a quality organization to improve Human Resources professionals.

           Kevin tragically lost his life while traveling to work but he did live to realize the
           results of his efforts from the quick growth and successes of the Human
           Resources Group, MEMHR-CT, that he created.  His drive, desire to help and
           personality all revealed his great leadership, respect, and passion for Human
We share our loss with the family and are very grateful for his vision,
           drive, and commitment to willingly gave of his time to help others.
           [1949 - April 25, 2010]

      Ms. Leslie Traux
            Co-founding Moderator
            Englewood Baptist Church, Jackson, TN
            Jackson, TN  2008 - 2010

            With an HR background, Leslie was able to help
            those coming to their group understand the
            process of career transition and learn the process
            that HR Representatives follow due to regulatory
            or administrative requirements of the employer.
            She continues practicing Human Resources.

      Mr. Michael Gerahty
            Co-founding Moderator
            Englewood Baptist Church, Jackson, TN
            Jackson, TN  2008 - 2010
            Michael's management experience helped him
            reach out to those in career transition to
            understand what managers look for based on the
            job description plus the "soft" areas that are
            shown by successful team members and potential
            management candidates.  Michael's considerable
            experience in the role of leadership in the various companies he has been with.

     Mr. Mike Dowling, SPHR
           Co-Founding Moderator
           Human Resources Group
           [MEMHR-CT]  2008 - 2008

           Mike worked closely with Kevin Gallagher to create
           this group.  His efforts helped Kevin to focus on
           additional priorities.  Mike's strong organization
           skills helped create the operational structure for
           the group in very little time to benefit the Memphis
           HR community.  Mike continues to be of value to
           The CT Groups from his considerable insights and

    Mr. Mike J Esposito, BIE, MBA
          Founding Moderator
          IT, Sciences and Engineering
          [MEMITSE-CT] 2008 - 20xx

  Mike saw a need for the "tech types" in a career
  worked to obtain a meeting room at Germantown
  Church of Christ for his bi-weekly meetings.  Mike's
  background and interest in helping others made
  him a natural.  Mike went on to becoming Certified
  in LinkedIn then was providing The CT Groups
  members sessions on improving their competitive
  advantage on LinkedIn using techniques not widely


     Mr. Jim Sdoia
           Founding Moderator
           St. Francis of Assisi Church, Cordova, TN
           [SFAC-CT]  2001 - 2008

           Jim brought executive insight from roles in the US
           and Asia with global corporations to help members
           with the challenges they faced and understanding
           what is required for a successful search.  Jim was
           always ready to help with his great smile and voice.
           Jim continues his giving back to the community
           from promoting debate within the schools and to
           help improve the Memphis City Schools, now the
           Shelby County School District.  We are grateful to Jim for his valued time.

     Mr. Paul Phillips
           Founding Moderator
           The Networking Roundtable Group
           Southwest Community College, Macon Campus

           [TNRG-CT]  2008 - 2015

   Paul came to us as a "transplant" from Chicago
   where he led a group.  His original group held
   meetings in a church then in 2011 moved down
   the street to Southwest Community College
   Macon Campus.  

   Meetings are in the beautiful Library Auditorium making it convenient for
   students to prepare for their entry into the job market.  Paul brought innovation
   to his group by providing his members an automated tool to deliver documents
   to them electronically that were used in his presentations.   Paul continues to
   be a good friend of The CT Groups.  

     Mr. Rob Kirksey


            Getwell Road United Methodist Church &
            [GRUM-CT] 2015 - 2016
           Rob is a former US Air Force member who could
           manage any distribution center with his ability to
           encourage or drive results for team success.  These
           skills fit in well as a Moderator in helping drive
           home the key success factors to help members learn
           and master the skills for their success.

           Rob left our community to accept a position in the same management role he
           has successfully held before.  His drive to help others and produce success will
           be missed whether they were in his classroom or warehouse.  Go Blue!

     Mr. Ted Medlin
           Co-founder Christ United Methodist Church
           [CUMC-CT] 1976 - 1978, unofficially to 2017
             Ted was one of the pioneers in Career Transition
           Support in Memphis in his efforts, with others, to
           create one of the first offerings in Memphis at Christ
           United Methodist Church. Ted continued his many
           contributions until his health prevented continuing his
           level of involvement. Fortunately, Ted was able to
           "see the seeds" he planted grow and flourish at the
           Church into one of the largest career transition groups within Memphis and
           The CT Groups.  His good heart and kind words for all will be deeply missed.
           Many owe this kind and soft spoken giant amoung men many words of thanks.

     Mr. Tom Butas
           Co-Moderator                                                                  Finance & Accounting Group, Germantown, TN
           [MEMFA-CT]  xxxx-xxxx
           Tom brought his considerable talent in Credit and
           Finance with over 29 years experience with a major
           US car manufacturer.  This insight was of great
           value in helping those in transition assess their
           strengths in the marketplace and how to correctly
           market themselves for opportunities.

     Mr. Raymond "Ray" Henley
           Co-founding Moderator
           Christ United Methodist Church, Memphis, TN
           (Christ Church)
           [CUMC-CT]  1978 - 2016
           A native Memphian, Ray was a driving force in creating
           career support groups in Memphis and at Christ Church.
           Ray kept this group operational despite challenges to
           their existence with passionate "behind the scenes" work.
           Looking into member's eyes as they announced landing a
           job was one of his great joys as their "roller coaster ride"
           in transition had finally come to an end.  Ray was a driver behind Orientation for
           The CT Groups giving new and existing members insight into the road ahead
           and resources that are available to help members in their unpredictable paths
           and events during career transition.

Ray provided private discussions to help others get back to work often in a better
           position than they had before.  Christ Church believed he spent as much of his
           time at the church as anywhere else.  From 2003 to 2015 at least 1,100 people
           came to Christ Church for help.   We can only speculate Ray had a hand in or
           direct involvement in helping over 2,750 people in their career transition.

           Ray's was as a very talented financial person and worked at Holiday Inns, Inc. for
           for many years and as a private contractor/adviser.

           We extend our gratitude to his family for the many hours he dedicated to those
           in transition.  We also share the loss with the family for a very special man who
           contributed so much to so many for over 35 years.
           [Sept 1938 - May 2016] 

Mr. Richard (Rick) Faust, CPA
           Co-founding Moderator
           Finance & Accounting Group, Memphis, TN
           [MEMFA-CT]  xxxx-2014