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Tech Tips

Fixing PC or other technology related problems is a rapidly growing very profitable business for people who know how to do it and others who think they know how.

There are many problems people encounter that are both very common, very easy to fix, and can be done to following a few step-by-step instructions.  Whether you are unemployed or employed, who would not take some time out of their day to save $50 to $150 or more?

Consider the steps to use someone:
  1. find a place you believe, or are told, is reliable, trustworthy and reasonably priced
  2. disconnect your equipment after removing any sensitive or confidential information from it
  3. take the equipment, when they are open, to be fixed
  4. wait without the device for a few days to a week or more to be worked on
  5. find time to pick up your equipment, when they are open, and pay whatever they charge
  6. reconnect your equipment up to everything and hope they didn't change anything for you
  7. reinstall the sensitive or confidential information
  8. hope that you actually received the results you needed

Many, if not all of these tools are already built into the Windows Operating System and are easily accessed IF you know where to find them.

Some of these problems can be corrected in under 15 minutes.  If the problem has persisted or worsened over the years it may take multiple hours.  Do not have unrealistic expectations but remember, if you do it yourself you're not paying someone to watch your computer for those hours.