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Yahoo! Help

The two most common requests for Help with Yahoo! are:
      (a) too many e-mails, and/or
      (b) cannot unsubscribe.

The unsubscribe problem is one we raised for a number of years with Yahoo!  Some member complaints have been validated and forwarded to Yahoo! for investigation/action.  Some complaints were unsupportable from log records which track many events along with time/date stamps and how the action was conducted.  Yes, it is a problem that is overdue for a lasting resolution that have no involvement with.

This section will deal with both using different approaches to provide some ideas for any Login Problems and issues with your Yahoo! ID.

  • e-Mail Management (see link at bottom of this page)
    Yahoo! offers four different levels of e-mail delivery which can be custom set for each group:
        Each e-mail is delivered to the member as the incoming e-mail is received
    Special Notices:
        Notifications that are only sent by a Moderator that require using the Web site
        and not an e-mail tool to send the Notice(s)
    Daily Digest:
        Encapsulates up to 25 e-mails a day into a single e-mail with a Summary Page
        making review of the 25 messages quick to note items of potential interest

    No e-Mail
        No e-mail is distributed - Members using this will be reset to Special Notices
        to insure important information is received

    Detailed information is provided in the e-Mail Management tab on each area.

  • Login Problems (see link at bottom of this page)
    -  Provides link to Yahoo! Resources via their Quick Links (far right of the page):
        >   Product Groups are for Yahoo! Groups and other Yahoo! Products
        >   Yahoo! Customer Care on Twitter allows brief messages to be sent via
              your Twitter account (which is free to establish and use) to open a
              discussion about your specific problem
        >   Yahoo! Customer Care on Facebook allows your specific problem to be
              presented to Yahoo! for discussion and resolution

    -  Other topics for access to Yahoo! are also listed on the page provided

  • Resign (see link at bottom of this page)
    Resignation from of your membership, entitlements and benefits from that Group

  • Unsubscribe (see link at bottom of this page)
    Yahoo! recommended process to unsubscribe from the e-mails.
    To reinstate the e-mails you would be required to rejoin the parent Group.

  • Yahoo! ID (see link at bottom of this page)
    Information from Yahoo! regarding the Yahoo! ID