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Resignation terminates your membership in the specified group.  This ends all entitlements to access that Group including e-mails and other services offered.

Each Group has a separate presence on Yahoo! Groups.  Thus if your objective is to leave all Groups of The CT Groups you will need to follow this procedure for each Group.

There is no "undo" or "I take it back" button to change your election.
There is no "I changed my mind" or "grace period" to reverse this election.

You can, if you left as a member in good standing, follow the procedure to become a new member at a future date.  Membership may not be granted is a returning member is deemed to be abusing this right or may be assessed an administrative fee to return.

Under the new design of Yahoo! Groups web pages here is the process to Leave or Resign from a Yahoo! Groups:
  1. Sign on to the Yahoo! Groups you intend to Resign from using the e-mail address provided to The CT Groups.
  2. Below the graphic at the top of the web site page, look for the link Membership on the right side of the page and click the Membership link then click on Edit Membership link within the appearing Drop Down Box.
  3. Towards the bottom of the new page displayed you will see the label Leave Group.
    Read the notice/warning provided, and if you are agreeable and desire to continue the process to Resign, then click the Leave Group button.
  4. Documentation suggests there is a conformation required for your decision to Leave the Group however this has not been tested by known person in The CT Groups.  Therefore assume your first election represents your intent.