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                     Possible Outcomes and Your Actions

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 Why People Unsubscribe and Why It May Be Wrong For Them
    There are three basic reasons why someone would want to unsubscribe (or leave The CT Groups):
  1. They landed a job and will never ever never go through another career transition again
    This despite the odds against this unless they are over 69.  In good times, the average job lasts 3.7 years.  The new "retirement age" will be between 72 to 74 because of the major stock market losses of 2000's and 2010's, the potential for more major losses, the withdraw or cut-back on retirement programs, federal cutbacks and fiscal responsibility, the lack of many to save for their retirement, and the anticipated reduction on benefits of Social Security, Medicare, et al. or the total elimination of the programs.
    We advise strongly that once you have a network, especially a free one, you never never let go of it.
    Always keep your network active, and always stay alert of new opportunities.  As one of our moderators has put it, "We are all independent contractors" whether you are full-time, part-time, or on a contract.
    Many people, unfortunately, also erase their career transition files and trash their paper records only to find they need them again.  Now the time and effort building that knowledge base and material has to be recreated damaging your ability to make a "fast smart start".  Some have found on their first day they were being terminated... all within 1 hour of each other.
  2. They landed a job and do not have time for all the e-mails.
    See the section on Adjusting E-mail Levels for a nice solution to this reason.  You can leverage this with your new employer by offering to post jobs for free through The CT Groups.  All you do is place the job description as an e-mail and send it to memphis-ct@yahoogroups.com with a good Subject and clear reference where interested and qualified people should respond.
    NOTE: Only current members of The CT Groups can send items to this e-mail address.
  3. They are in a job search and do not have time for jobs not related to them.
    Because members pay nothing for these services, the small cost of deleting jobs not relevant to them is very small compared to the benefits available especially since many are limited or private distribution jobs posted through The CT Groups.  For a fee, someone can contract for such services, but, given the action taken by the Tennessee Attorney General's Office, we understand there are fewer of them.