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Official Document

Yahoo's Official Document on Unsubscribing and Continued emails

ID: SLN2468     Refers to: Groups

This article explains why you may still receive emails from a group after trying to unsubscribe.
If you are still receiving email from a group after you have unsubscribed, there are several possible explanations:
  1. If you unsubscribed via email, you may not have replied to the confirmation email that was generated.  Without a confirmation of your request to unsubscribe, we cannot remove you from the group's list.  In this case, you can send another email to the "unsubscribe" address -- this time being sure to reply to the confirmation request.  Alternatively, you can unsubscribe from the web using the Edit My Groups page.

Note: Email-only members can only unsubscribe via email, unless they first become a full member of the group by using the Membership Wizard.

  1. You may be subscribed to the group with a different email address than the one you thought.  This can happen for a variety of reasons including:
  • You were added to a group and never actually selected the address you use for the group.
  • You’re receiving messages that are being forwarded from another account.
  • Your email client sends messages from a slightly different address than the address where you receive messages (e.g. you receive messages at john@company.com but when you send messages they actually come from john@mail.company.com).

In any of these cases, you will have trouble unsubscribing via email.  Try unsubscribing from the web, as described above.  If that doesn’t work either, please click on the Get Help link on this page.

In groups with more than 400 members: Yahoo! Groups uses a “replicated database” system (for scalability and performance reasons) and sometimes the system gets out of synch.  In these situations, Customer Care can help you by “resynching” the database.
Mike's Note:
You should assume every group of The CT Groups on Yahoo! Groups is over 400 members.