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Smarter Options

Let's face it ... people are grabbing our e-mail addresses today to mass market stuff we could care less about.  We are programmed from past bad experiences to insist on unsubscribing and want it now ... last month would be even better!

But is that really in your best interest for a free group that costs you nothing?

The Business Cycle turns down every 6 to 8 years meaning someone people are going to be back on the streets looking for work.  You spent time attending meetings, learning processes and techniques, gathering documentation most of which can be reused in the future should you need -or- WANT it to find another job.  Job Search is expensive ... so why throw away the investment you have that helped you find a job?

Consider the option of e-Mail Management versus Unsubscribing

You're out of there ... gone ... no more e-mails ... no more membership.  Finished!
Mentally that's a good clean break but is it really the smart move?
At some point you may find you're doing another job search due to cut backs.  Sometimes the new job isn't what you thought it would be and need to find something else.  Either way, you're back in a job search and will have to rejoin the groups you want and start over that can take weeks.

e-Mail Management
You turn down (or up) the level of e-mails you want from a each group you joined when and where you want it.  Each Group may have a different setting to meet your preferences and needs.  Are you tired of the Job Postings ... set Memphis-CT to Special Notices.  Want to potentially help someone ... set Help-CT to Daily Digest.  You like what you have for a given Group, leave it as Individual Messages.  You retain your membership and may change the e-mail settings anytime you want to any allowed setting you want.

You can set it to receive all e-mails (which is the default setting everyone gets initially).  You can set it for Special Notices that provides critical information (which happens less than 1 time per year since 2003).  You can set it for Daily Digest which consolidates up to 25 e-mails for a 24 hour window and sends it to you as ONE E-MAIL WITH A SUMMARY AT THE TOP.  This is ideal for those who are willing to offer assistance but don't have time to plow through all those e-mails when working.  If you like it the way it is or want to restart your job search, set it to Individual Messages.

There is no charge and no penalty to change these.  We do require that the No Mail option NOT BE USED as this totally isolates you should something important need to be communicated via a Special Notice.  Given the frequency of Special Notices and that only a Moderator can send such message this should not be an unreasonable requirement for anyone.

For detailed information please visit e-Mail Management which is under Yahoo! Help.