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e-Mail Unsubscribe

Basics you must be aware of:
  1. Under the Yahoo! designed system, you may unsubscribe from any or all groups you participate in BUT you must follow the process for each group you are a member of.
    A means to unsubscribe from all groups using one click simply does not exist.
  2. The Unsubscribe process was created, maintained and owned by Yahoo! Groups.  The CT Groups has no means to manage, control or resolve issues or failures of this process.
  3. The CT Groups, per the Acceptable Use & Membership Agreement Policy, requires any member wanting to leave a group is to use the Unsubscribe process provided.
  4. Failure to acknowledge any validation or conformation request e-mail from Yahoo! will invalidate your unsubscribe request.  This is necessary for Yahoo! to require due to the number of individuals who submit e-mail addresses to be unsubscribe who are NOT the owner of that e-mail address.

While this process requires slightly more effort to use than the EXPRESS UNSUBSCRIBE it does offer one clear advantage:  there is documentation of your request.  The e-mail you sent will create a log entry showing your request including a date and time stamp and who it came from.  Normally, but not always, this process works.  With anything built by man there will be problems.
  1. Examine the Subject line of the e-mail you received.  At the beginning of the Subject
    you should see a left bracket, some letters followed by a hypen and the letters CT,
    followed by a right bracket.  The items between the left and right bracket are the
    group name that you will need to complete an e-mail unsubscribe.

  2. From the e-mail account you are receiving the e-mails at, you will add the group name
    into an e-mail addresses that is formatted [group name]-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
    but use just the group name where [group name] appears.  For example, if the Subject
    has [Memphis-CT] at the start of the subject you will use the following e-mail address to
    unsubscribe from the Memphis-CT Group   

  3. Remember there are multiple groups you may be subscribed to and you will need to
    unsubscribe from each group you want to leave.  The concept of a "Master Unsubscribe"
    does not exist in the Yahoo! Groups environment.

If you continue to receive e-mails 24 hours after unsubscribing there are ___ possible scenarios for resolution:
Possibility:       You incorrectly entered the e-mail address
Your Action:    Verify the e-mail address you entered.  It is possible you may have entered
                        a legitimate e-mail address for a group you do not belong to.  In this case
                        your request is simply ignored by Yahoo! as a security measure.

                        If you entered an invalid e-mail address you should have received a notice
                        of the invalid e-mail address from your e-mail service.
Possibility:       You created the e-mail but did not send it
Your Action:    Check your Drafts file and Sent file for the e-mail.  If it is in your Sent file
                        it was transmitted.  If it is in your Drafts file it was not sent.  Also check
                        your Outbox file.  If you find it here your e-mail was not transmitted by your
                        e-mail service for if it had the e-mail should have been moved from your
                        Outbox file to your Sent file automatically.
Possibility:       The e-mail is in your Sent file but you still receive e-mails
Your Action:    Did you send the e-mail from the same e-mail address you receive the
                        e-mails at?  If not your unsubscribe request was rejected as the request
                        must originate from the e-mail address you are unsubscribing.
Possibility:       The Yahoo! Unsubscribe process has experienced a problem which may be
                        a temporary problem or may be a more involved not easily detected issue.
Your Action:    See the 3rd Your Action under POSIBLE OUTCOMES AND ACTION of
                        EXPRESS UNSUBSCRIBE PROCESS. 

You are not required to contact Yahoo! to report a problem but Yahoo! is the only resource that can address your problem and assist you with it.  Alternate means are generally more painful and less effective.  Sending notices or demands to one or thousands of people who cannot offer or provide assistance many only serve to demonstrate a lack of skills employers may find undesirable.