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e-Mail Management

With the average job lasting 3.7 years, odds are you will be going through another career transition in your life (unless your over 70 or a close family member owns a profitable business).


You can adjust your e-mail for each group to one of 3 levels we promote and you can change it anytime you want.

Here's the process:

  1. Open your browser.

  2. Point your browser to http://groups.yahoo.com

  3. Sign in using your ID to The CT Groups

  4. e-Mail Settings are controlled within EACH group.  Sign into the first group you want to change.  You can find the Group Codes which are part of the web site address by visiting Group Codes.  All web site address end with @yahoogroups.com with the Group code appearing BEFORE the @yahoogroups.com

  5. Point your browser to the first site, such as Memphis-CT@yahoogroups.com  This will require you sign in but only for the first group you work with during a session.

  6. In the upper right of the screen you will see the words "Membership" and "Management' followed by a Question Mark inside a black circle.  Click on Membership.

    A pop-up box opens and in light blue area of the box you will see the words
    Account Info   Click on this link.

  7. The page will change and display a large white area with a light blue area at the top of the white area.  The words My Membership will be in the light blue area.

    In the first area of the large white area you will see the word "Identity".  Further down you will see the word "Subscription".  Click on the pencil to the right of the word "Subscription".
  8. The two fields can now be edited; we will change only the first one, Message Delivery.  There are Four Possible Options; do not use No Email.


    Individual Email  - This is the default setting which forwards to you each e-mail as
                                  is received by the server.  This is the recommended setting for
                                  those in a passive or active job search as there is no additional
                                  delay in receiving e-mails.

    ADVANTAGE:  Information is delivered as quickly as possible.
                                                        Delays in an active job search can cost you lost

    Daily Digest        - This is a good option for those who are working and want to keep
                                  in touch for a group like Help-CT where they may be able to offer
                                  insight or assistance to another member.  This "packages" up to
                                  25 e-mails in a 24 hour period, provides the full e-mail PLUS puts
                                  a very good Summary at the top allowing quick browsing of what
                                  was sent through that group.  If there SHOULD be more than 25
                                  e-mails in that group over the 24 hour period, a new Daily Digest
                                  e-mail will be created for the subsequent e-mail messages.

                                  ADVANTAGE:  e-Mail volume is reduced when you are not in a job
                                                         search yet you can in one document see what is
                                                         going on.  As with the other options,
    this can be
                                                         changed by you at ANY TIME.
    Special Notices   - These Messages can only be sent by a Moderator by going to the
                                  Group's web site and generating then submitting the e-mail from
                                  the web site.  It is a slow, laborious process thus there are few
                                  such message sent, and the number is closer to ZERO.  Yet this is
                                  still prefered over No Email as we can still get an important
                                  message to you using the slow, awkward method.

                                  You will have access to the Group's web site and can view the
                                  e-mails from that site.  From 2003 to 2016 (14 years) a total of
                                  NINE messages were sent.