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Yahoo! ID

                                                                                                                           Updated 01/25/2017  Updated: 05/28/2016

In a review of membership e-mail addresses, there is an observed inconsistency between e-mail addresses substituted for a Yahoo! ID to be used as a Yahoo! ID and the enforcement policy published by Yahoo!.

With this clear inconsistency, we are advising members and prospective members to use the e-mail address of their choice.

We also strongly encourage members who had ANY e-mail address being used as a Yahoo! ID prior to 2016 to change their password to protect themselves from the potential impact of the hack into Yahoo!'s systems

At one point, a Yahoo! ID was defined as an account using their namesake yahoo.com, ymail.com or rocketmail.com   Today this has changed to being Yahoo.com ONLY.

If you have an existing e-mail account under Yahoo.com, YMail.com or Rocketmail.com you may be "grandfathered" but there is no known official word from Yahoo!   So far no users with these accounts have been blocked from using the systems.

For those coming to The CT Groups or Yahoo! Groups new, you will need to create a Yahoo! ID as this is the only new account you can create with Yahoo!

Some are concerned as they do not want their e-mail going to yet another e-mail system.  This is not a problem using a process created by Yahoo! years ago allowing a person to associate a Yahoo! account to one or more alternate e-mail accounts.

The document below will provide to you a step-by-step process with screen shots to:
    a)  create a Yahoo! ID, and
    b)  associate your preferred e-mail account to your new Yahoo! ID.

Yes, this does require some more work BUT it meets Yahoo! requirements and allows you to use the e-mail account of your choice for sending and receiving e-mail to The CT Groups.  

The CT Groups,
May 28, 2016, 5:16 PM