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Asking for Help

Life is a continuous learning process.
You will never know everything ... but you can learn.
Admitting you don't know or don't understood is good.
You know yourself and can work to learn these things.
Seeking to gain knowledge you need is essential.
Asking questions builds knowledge and saves time.
When you learn something, pass it on to others.


Select topics from the listed sub-pages below or use the website director displayed to the left.

This area is to help members of The CT Groups to "fill in some knowledge gaps" everyone has or to gain information they may not have access.  Leverage the experience of those in your profession, of those who have been transition before or those who just landed.  But first you need access and insight into how to "tap in".
These and other topics are covered in group meetings.

Security systems will inhibit use of these processes
by non-members of The CT  Groups