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Updated 03/22/2017

   Asking For Help

    For many, this is not an easy thing to do. Often it
   is due to the fear of looking "uninformed" or
   simply not being comfortable asking others for
   answers to questions.

   Thus this tab has been created.

  • Networking Contacts
    This is divided into subtabs by the organization or media outlet which has
    covered The CT Groups from a recent event or for career-related topics. The links in this section are functional in addition to those on the Left Menu Bar.

  • Paying It Forward
    This simple process is often confusing to some. Concerns about paying the charges of a total stranger could become excessive and the concern of what will they payee receive in return. To understand the power of this new concept of Paying It forward you need to read the article. This was first documented back in the City of Athens in 317 B.C.

  • Web Resources
    This is still a vision being defined as a resource to discover smart ways to use readily available tools.The first target will most likely be conducting a Boolean Search on the Internet. A study a few years back examine multiple Universities in the State of Illinois and reported that nearly 70% of college students could not construct a basic Boolean Search and many of those were limited to only entering a name or description. Boolean searches provide significant power once understood.